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Ahh the new years resolutions, better late than never. I actually don’t know if people like to hear / care about what other peoples resolutions are but I find them quite inspirational. Some of them at least.. the whole “I wanna go to the gym more” well, that’s getting a bit old. Just do it. And add some Nike while you’re at it – believe me, a killer outfit helps. I have written down my 5 resolutions for 2019, which I hope is doable. Sometimes I’ve had 10, and to be honest, it’s a bit too much for me. I can’t have that many things hanging over my head. It stresses me out cause I am a quite dutiful person. Anyway – here we go:

This it not to others, but to myself. Of course being nice to other people is also a must but I think I was raised right to begin with and don’t really have a problem behaving in general so this one is just for me. I have always been quite fortunate in that way that I have never really been beating myself up, not in front of the mirror or inside my head, I guess it just never occurred to me when I was younger. But since I had my first anxiety attack this summer I haven’t quite been the same. I doubt myself quicker than I used to, I tell myself I am weak when I get overwhelmed and I’m starting to pick at myself when I look in the mirror. That has to stop now! I used to always be on my side, and god damn it, it sucks to be agains yourself! What is that even? If you think about it, all you really have is yourself, and you are hanging out with yourself all the time. So in 2019, I am putting a stop to how my mind has been wandering the last 6 months. I am not weak, I am healing. I will stop doubting myself, I can do ANYTHING. And I am NOT ugly, what a load of crap. So there. Be nicer to yourself, and that goes for me and for you too.

Uhh this is a biggie and I know that just the title of this resolution makes a lot of people roll their eyes. I just want to clarify, I am not a Vegan. I don’t think I ever will be, do I eat less meat than I used to? Yes. Do I love meat, god yes. But the older I get the more I realize that my body is mine to take care of, and nobody is gonna do it for me. I wish I could say I wanted to be more plant based because of the environment but that is not my main motivation, I have to say. Maybe next year one of my resolutions will have the title “planet earth” and then we can roll our eyes at that but for now, it’s purely selfish reasons. I want to he happier, healthier and stronger. I hate feeling tired, and I have a suspicion it’s because of what I put in my body. SO my goal this year is to have 3 days a week where I don’t eat any meat, and then have 2 days that are completely plant based, so no eggs, no dairy, no meat – nothing. And then have 2 days a week where I can eat a bit more “normal” – this is when I go out to eat and I really want that creamy, cheesy pasta or taco’s with pulled pork because YUM. I hope this will make me feel better than I do now and who knows, maybe I will be mostly plant based when the year is over.

As many of you know (and have commented on), my style has kinda changed in 2018. It was something that needed to happen because I used to be more focused on what I thought you guys wanted to see than what I actually wanted to wear. I suddenly realized how stupid the whole thing was a late night when I was standing in line at Netto in Copenhagen in my sweatpants, sneaks, gucci socks, oversized blazer with a hoodie underneath and my favorite cap – just wearing something I threw on because I was done shooting for the day. Suddenly the girl behind me taps on my shoulder and says to me “wow I love your outfit, do you have instagram?” – and I instantly thought “yes but you wouldn’t recognize me on there, cause I don’t look like this on IG” and then it dawned on me. Why don’t I? This is what I actually wear so what am I even doing? And since then I have tried to stay very true to my actual outfits, it’s hard sometimes because I often think that you guys won’t like what I wear but you engage with me more than ever so I am thankful for the epiphany.

This literally just popped in my head the other day, I don’t and never have, really invested in myself. It’s very weird to think about. I mean, I have no problem, at all, investing in a pair of shoes, nor a bag or a fantastic jacket. But me? My skin? My mind? My feet? My body? Nooo.. I don’t have that kind of money. That’s what I tell my self, and what a load of crap. In 2019, I will invest in myself – I will invest in facials, in getting one massage a month, in food supplements and mani’s and pedi’s. I’m sure I’ll find more stuff along the way but this is what I will start with. And it already scares me! I always feel so guilty spending money on something like a facial, it feels selfish – but I need to be more selfish like that. It’s my face, my body and my wellbeing and I want to throw some money at that topic. So there.

This might be a no brainer to a lot of people but the truth is that when you are born somewhere cold (like I am) going outside is not always the most tasty thing on the menu. Not for me anyways. And because I grew up in the north and because I am prone to be cold always, I have become kind of a “under the blanket” type of person. Well now that I spend so much time in LA I would like to take advantage of the weather. You might think that it’s easy, I mean just go outside right? But quite frankly I have to remind myself to do outside activities because I am so used to being an indoor person. So in 2019, I would like to enjoy eating outside more, taking walks in the warm evenings, sitting on my balcony while I work and also, I want to bird around more – not just take the car. Welcome to sunny California Maria!



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Glasses, White marble board, Yellow marble board, Pitcher / All from Broste Copenhagen (see catalogue here)

Jeg er vild med mig tid, mig tid er meget vigtigt. Ikke kun for mig, men også for mine elskede omkring mig. De får en meget bedre Maria i deres liv når jeg husker at tage mig min mig tid. Jeg forstod aldrig rigtig mig tid før hen. Det var først for et par år siden da jeg led under et mavesår som opstod grundet stress at jeg lærte at tage mig tid til mig selv. Jeg fik stress af at flytte til en ny by, af at arbejde min rumpe i laser på et nyt job, af at forsøge på at være en super kæreste og den perfekte datter mens jeg aktivt altid (stadig) forsøger at udleve alle mine (mange) drømme. Mit lille mavestår bor stadig i min mave og er altid klar på lige at give mig en lille brændende fornemmelse hvis jeg ikke har husket at tage mig min mig tid. Fashionweek kan godt være meget stressende. Heldigvis har jeg det nemt; jeg bliver kørt rundt i lækre biler, mine shows er planlagt og chaufføren ved altid hvor jeg skal hen. Folk er søde og det er altid sjovt. Men det er stadig nogle laaaange dage, meget mingelereren, mange billeder og mange outfits at holde styr på. Så ugen efter, har jeg helt sikkert brug for lidt mig tid. Min mig tid er mange ting; jeg elsker at se friends, lægge masker eller ligge på en parkbænk og kigge op i himlen mens jeg lytter til Elton John – det er alt sammen humør bestemt. Men noget jeg virkelig holder af er at være i køkkenet og lave ting og sager. En af mine yndlings smage fra min barndom er fersken is te, så da Fuze tea spurgte om jeg havde lyst til at smage deres nye is te var jeg helt på! Fuze tea er lavet på sort te ekstrakt med naturlig frugt smag og er super forfriskende. Jeg kan godt lide at bruge is te’en til at lave en lille “drink”. En del af mig tid er også at gøre noget lidt ekstra for sig selv, og en flot “drink” kan snildt være en del af det. Jeg kan godt lide at mixe hindbær og mynte sammen med fersken smagen og citron skiver med en stav rosmarin i lemon smagen. Disse små, ekstra ingredienser gør ikke kun drikken smuk men fremmer også smagsoplevelsen. God fornøjelse!

english: I am a big fan of me time, me time is important. Not just to me, it’s also important to the people around me. They get a much better Maria in their life if I take my me time. I never really understood me time until a few years ago where I suffered an ulcer from stress. Stress from living in a new city, working my ass of at my new job, trying to be a great girlfriend, the perfekt daughter and trying to live my (many) dreams, amongst other things. My little ulcer still lives in my stomach and it kindly gives me a little tug when I need to take some me time. Fashionweek can be a stressful time. Luckily I have it easy; I am driven around in awesome cars, my shows are all in my calendar and the driver knows where I am going. People are always nice and it’s a fun time. But it’s still looong days, lot’s of mingling, lot’s of pictures to take and sets of clothes to change into. So the week after, I need some me time. My me time can be many things; I love watching friends, doing a facemask or laying on a park bench looking into the sky and listen to Elton John – it all depends on the mood. Something I also love is to spend time in the kitchen, making stuff. One of my favorite flavors from my childhood is peach ice tea so when Fuze tea asked me to taste their new range of ice teas I was all in. Fuze tea is made with black tea extract and natural fruit flavors and makes for a great refreshment. I like to make a little “drink” with my ice tea. Apart of me time is also making me feel special and a nice looking beverage does that for me. I love to add raspberries and mint to the peach flavored tea and lemon with a stench of rosemary for the lemon flavored tea. These extra little ingredients not only makes a pretty drink but a full experience. Enjoy!


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Nogen synes at det der med nytårsfortsæt er noget fis, nogen synes de er fantastiske. De giver folk håb om et bedre år forude. Min mening er at nytårsfortsæt er en god ting. De giver folk lyst til at give året en ekstra skalle, for at gøre det til det bedste år nogensinde eller indtil videre. Om man holder dem, er op til en selv. Jeg har faktisk aldrig rigtig lavet nytårsfortsæt før. Men jeg tænker det nok har noget at gøre med min alder at gøre. Da jeg var teenager tænkte jeg ikke så meget over et nyt år som en ny start. Det var jo bare et nyt år? Men jeg kan godt se fordelene nu. Det er godt at have nogle kortsigtede mål at arbejde hen imod. SÅ uden ydereligere forsinkelser, her er mine 5 nytårsfortsæt;

english: Some people think resolutions are nothing but rubbish, some think resolutions are amazing. They give people hope for the new year and in my opinion, I think it’s nice people want to make an effort in making it their best year so far or maybe their best year ever. If they last or not, is up to the individual. I have never done the whole “resolutions” thing. But I think that might have something to do with my age. When I was a teenager I didn’t think much about years as a new start. A year was just a year you know? But I see the advantage now. It’s nice to have some short term goals to work towards. SO with that in mind, I have decided to share my 5 new years resolutions. Here we go;

1. 365 selfies
I have decided to do a little personal project in 2018. I am going to take 1 selfie a day for all the days of 2018. Maybe I will carry it into 2019 as well. Nobody knows. But I want to do it because I’d love to see the development we go through in a year. I think it could be magnificent.

2. Eat less meat
I NEVER thought I would write this. Ever. Because I absolutely LOVE meat. I don’t think I have ever ordered something vegetarian in my life. But I have come to realize that meat is not all that really good for you or the environment. So I have decided to eat less meat, not cut it out of my diet entirely but I will treat meat like I treat candy. All in moderation.

3. Out and about
My friends will nod agreeingly as I state this. I am not a going out person. I don’t really go to parties or to clubs or out for drinks. I never have. But I want to change that. In 2018 I will try to be more social and actually attend some of those fabulous parties I am often invited to!

4. Run forrest run
I hate running, I really do. Actually I just hate being active in general. A brisk walk? No thanks. A little hour at the gym? I don’t think so. But running is good for my mind. It clears my head and I need that, living the way I do. I work more hours than I should and travel a lot so I am thinking that running would be a good way for me to calm my stress levels when it all gets a little too much.

5. Put down the phone
Now this is a tough one. Putting down the phone. Fear of missing out much? Actually it’s not so hard for me but I feel that it is hard for my surroundings when I put down my phone. Living in a technical age like we do, it’s hard for other people to understand when you need a break. “Why aren’t you picking up your phone?”, “it took you hours to respond to my text messages”, “you havn’t put anything on instagram today” – is only some of the things I hear if I dare put my phone down for a day. But in 2018, I want to be better at putting myself first, cause sometimes you just really need a break.



White silk shirt / Minimum (shop here), White button down shirt / Noa Noa, Jeans / Pieszak (shop here)

Location: Copenhagen
Photo by Laura /
Photos taken with Canon 5D 

Hurraaa! I denne uge er det præcis 1 år siden at jeg blev selvstændig. Shit, det troede jeg ikke jeg skulle være i en alder af, på daværende tidspunkt, 22 år. Ved egentlig ikke om jeg nogensinde troede jeg skulle være selvstændig. For at være helt ærlig var det ikke rigtig “planen” men jeg genopstartede min blog fordi jeg følte jeg havde noget at sige, noget at vise og da så tiden på ELLE alligevel fandt sin ende tænkte jeg, “hvorfor ikke?”. Det var en meget mærkelig første dag på mit “nye arbejde”. Jeg sad der, i min sofa hjemme i stuen og tænkte “hvad fanden har du nu rodet dig ud i?”. Jeg fandt dog en stor tryghed i at min far har været selvstændig i mange år og at han jo, i min optik, kan svare på alle spørgsmål i verden. Då jeg følte mig ikke helt alene selvom han ingen erfaring har inde for den danske modebranche. Jeg lovede mig selv ikke at være for hård ved mig selv (for det har jeg tendens til) i den forstand at jeg ikke satte nogle økonomiske mål. Kun på den måde at hvis jeg kunne betale husleje den næste første i måneden – så kunne jeg fortsætte en måned mere. Nu er der gået et år og det går bedre end nogensinde. TAK til alle jer som læser med, jeg glæder mig til endnu et år med jer.

english: Hurraaaayyy! This very week it’s exactly 1 year since I started my own company and went full time on the blog. I didn’t really think I would have my own company at the age of 22. To be honest I haven’t ever dreamed of running my own business, maybe someone else’s but never my own. But I restarted the blog because I felt like I really had something to say, something to show you guys so when it was time for me to leave ELLE I just thought “why not?”. It was a very strange first day at my “new job”. And as I sat there on the couch in my living room I just thought “what the hell have you gotten yourself into now?”. I did although find great comfort in the fact that my dad has run his own business for years and in the fact that he can answer any question I come with. And that is even though he has absolutely no ties to the danish fashion industry. I promised my self not to be to hard on my self (which I have a tendency to be) in the sense that I didn’t set any economical goals for my self. Only in the way that if I could pay rent the next month then I could try for another. It’s been a year and the blog is doing better than ever. Thank you so much to all of you who tune in to read, it means the world to me and I am so excited to take on another year.


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Grey knit / Tricotage (shop here), Beige knit / Toogoodtobebasic (shop here), Jeans / Rag & Bone (shop here), Boots / Hérmes (shop in brown here)

Location: Copenhagen
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Photos taken with Canon 7D mark II

 Jeg er så heldig at være opvokset sted i Danmark hvor naturen er helt fantastisk. Noget af det bedste jeg ved er at tage mine forældres hund Enzo med ud i bakkerne ved Sindbjerg & Stoubjerg. Det ligger lige bag togskinnerne som går fra Silkeborg til Århus og det er, efter min mening, et af det smukkeste steder i verden. Den jyske hede er et helt særligt sted og selvom jeg ville ønske det lige nu var dækket i sne er det stadig det dejligste sted at gå en tur. Jeg håber i har haft en skøn juleaften og at den var præcis som i ønsker den – rigtig glædelig jul til jer alle sammen!

english: I am so lucky to have been raised a place in Denmark where the nature is beyond amazing. One of the best things in the world is taking my parents dog, Enzo, with me to the hill side Sindbjerg & Stoubjerg. It lies behind the railroad from Silkeborg to Århus and it is, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful places in the world. The moors of Jutland is a very special place and eventhough I wish it was covered in snow right now, it’s still a breathtaking place to take a walk. I hope your Christmas eve and Christmas morning was beautiful and exactly the way you wanted it – I wish you a merry Christmas once again.



Driving the Peugeot 308 GTI 

Bomber jacket / Parajumpers (shop in green here), Cashmere knit / Brunello Cucinelli (shop here), Jeans / L’Agence (shop here), Beanie / Champion

Location: Copenhagen
Photo by Sebastian /
Photos taken with Canon 7D mark II

Armene over hovedet, nu er det endelig juleferie og vi er på vej hjem! December har føltes som et langt sejt træk hen mod en ferie som har virket så langt væk, men nu er det endelig tid. Mailen er sat på auto reply og de sidste blogposts for 2017 er planlagt og sendt afsted ud i det tomme ingenting. Sebastian og jeg har været så ualmindeligt priviligeret at få lov at prøvekøre den nye Peugeot 308 GTI henover juleferien og jeg glæder mig så meget! Tripper som et barn for at få lov at køre den! Den er bare så mega blæret og vi kommer til at flyve henover Danmark på vej hjem, jeg kan næsten ikke vente!

english: Hands up! It’s finally the Christmas holiday and we are on our way home. December has felt soo long, so many things to get done before a vacation that just seemed so far away. But it’s finally time. My email has been set to auto reply and all the blogposts of 2017 have been planned and sent off into cyber space. Sebastian and I have been so incredibly privileged to be able to test drive the new Peugeot 308 GTI over the holidays and I am giddy like a little child to drive it! It’s no less than super cool and I can’t wait to fly across Denmark, driving home for Christmas. 


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Shirt / Pieszak, Scarf / Becksöndergaard, Flats / Jimmy Choo

Så er der ikke længe til, jul er lige om lidt og jeg ved stadig ikke hvad jeg skal have på. Jeg tænker blush, men det er jo egentlig ikke særlig jule agtigt er det vel? Jeg sad den anden dag og kom sådan til at tænke på alle de ting jeg glæder mig til ved julen. Og tænkte så også i den anledning om andre også har traditioner ligesom jeg har? Det er ikke engang dem alle sammen som er familie traditioner, nogen af dem er også mine egne. Jeg har listet dem herunder, hvad er jeres?

english: Christmas is just around the corner and I still dont know what to wear. I am thinking blush, but thats not very Christmas is it? I was just thinking the other day about all the things I look forward to during Christmas. And then I thought about all the things other people do for Christmas, I wonder if it’s the same as mine? Mine aren’t even all family traditions, some are my own. I have made a little list down below, what are yours? 

 1. Baking with grandpa

2. Baking a second time with grandpa because everyone ate all the cookies

3. Watching “A Christmas romance” over and over

4. Filling my cookie jar with store bought brown cookies (love all the sugar they use)

5. Listening to various Christmas lists on Spotify

6. Picking up the Christmas tree with my dad

7. Wrapping Christmas presents

8. Taking a walk on Christmas day

9. Give my parents dog a red bow on for the festivities

10. Having Christmas eve with my family

X M 



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Weekend er et skønt ord, “ugen ender” og nu har du fri. Da jeg var barn kunne jeg ikke rigtig kende forskel på uger og weekender, da jeg gik i gymnasiet sov jeg hele weekenden, da jeg flyttede til København gik jeg ture i weekenden (og sov) og nu er vi tilbage til at jeg ikke rigtig kan kende forskel på uger og weekender. Det skal ikke være en hemmelighed at når man er selvstændig, særligt ny selvstændig, at man arbejder rigtig meget så derfor skal man huske at holde weekend. Denne weekend er dog anderledes da jeg passer hund og derfor har glædet mig til at putte med den i sofaen og gå lange ture. Der er intet bedre end en hund, jeg sværger den slår Chanel tasker flere kilometer i min verden – jeg elsker lyden af deres poter på trægulv og deres dejlige dybe øjne! UH det er skønt, denne weekend er ren hygge (og kun lidt arbejde). God weekend til jer også!

english: Weekend is a wonderful word, “the week ends” og now you are off the hook. When I was a child I couldn’t really tell weeks and weekends apart, when I was in high school I slept the whole weekend, when I moved to Copenhagen I would walk around on the weekends (and sleep too) and now we are back to me not really being able to tell weather it’s Monday or Saturday. When you run your own business, especially a new one, it’s natural to work a lot so it’s important to remember to actually have a weekend. This weekend though, is different, because I am dog sitting! There is nothing better than a dog, it’s miles better than any Chanel bag in my world – I love the way their paws make little noises as they walk on wooden floor and their deep amazing eyes. OH it’s just wonderful, this weekend is going to be cozy (and only some work). Have a nice weekend all!


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Denim overalls / Tommy Hilfiger (shop here), Bikini top / M Missoni (shop swimsuit here), Bellychain as necklace / Asos (shop here)

Photo by Sebastian /
Photos taken with Canon 6D

I dag er det min fødselsdag, 23 år bliver jeg og det er sgu underligt. Jo længere væk jeg kommer fra at være under 20 jo mere skræmmer det mig, ikke fordi jeg er bange for at blive gammel, tværtimod det er kanon, men det ikke at være et barn længere, at barndommen for alvor er slut – det er sgu underligt. Jeg elskede at være barn men så vidt jeg kan forstå på mange af mine venner så har de næsten ikke kunne vente med at blive voksne og skulle blive dem selv – but why? Jeg vil helst bare være 9 år igen, det var sgu hyggeligt. MEN here I am – 23 år, og det er ikke dårligt! Hvad mon man kan tillade sig at købe til sig selv i fødselsdagsgave? hmmm…

english: It’s my birthday today, 23 years old and that’s weird you guys. The further I move from being under the age of 20 the more scared I get, not because I am afraid of getting older, no thats awesome and a privilege but the whole, not being a child anymore and that the whole childhood fase of life is over, that’s so weird! I loved being a child, it was the greatest but I get the feeling that most of my friends kinda just wanted it all to be over and move on to their 20’s – why though? I just want to be 9 again, now that was something. BUT here I am – 23 years old and that’s not so bad. I wonder what would be appropriate to buy for one self on this particular day? hmmm..

X M 



Photo by Szymon Brzóska /

Min søde, dejlige mand Sebastian fylder 23 i dag, Tillykke skat!! Jeg har ikke delt særlig meget hverken her eller på andre sociale platforme om vores forhold fordi helt ærlig, der er ikke så meget at sige. Vi skændes aldrig og der er meget lidt drama i vores liv – kedeligt I know! Men jeg har lige skrevet 5 små ting om ham eller os nedenfor nu da det er en særlig anledning!

english: My sweet, beautiful man Sebastian is turning 23 today, Happy Birthday baby! I have not been very sharing about our relationship because there is actually not that much to say, we never argue and there is never any drama to tell you – I am sorry! BUT here are 5 things about us you didn’t know – just because it is a special occasion. 

1. We have known each other (not dated but known) since we were 16.

2. We are equally tall even though Sebastian would strongly disagree on this.

3. Sebastian cares just as much about clothes as me.

4. We live together in Copenhagen, but we are both from Jutland.

5. Sebastian always tells me if my lipstick color isn’t right and I love that about him!

BTW Sebastian blogs about mens wear over at so if you want to get to know him a little better, go check him out. 

X M 

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