Nogen synes at det der med nytårsfortsæt er noget fis, nogen synes de er fantastiske. De giver folk håb om et bedre år forude. Min mening er at nytårsfortsæt er en god ting. De giver folk lyst til at give året en ekstra skalle, for at gøre det til det bedste år nogensinde eller indtil videre. Om man holder dem, er op til en selv. Jeg har faktisk aldrig rigtig lavet nytårsfortsæt før. Men jeg tænker det nok har noget at gøre med min alder at gøre. Da jeg var teenager tænkte jeg ikke så meget over et nyt år som en ny start. Det var jo bare et nyt år? Men jeg kan godt se fordelene nu. Det er godt at have nogle kortsigtede mål at arbejde hen imod. SÅ uden ydereligere forsinkelser, her er mine 5 nytårsfortsæt;

english: Some people think resolutions are nothing but rubbish, some think resolutions are amazing. They give people hope for the new year and in my opinion, I think it’s nice people want to make an effort in making it their best year so far or maybe their best year ever. If they last or not, is up to the individual. I have never done the whole “resolutions” thing. But I think that might have something to do with my age. When I was a teenager I didn’t think much about years as a new start. A year was just a year you know? But I see the advantage now. It’s nice to have some short term goals to work towards. SO with that in mind, I have decided to share my 5 new years resolutions. Here we go;

1. 365 selfies
I have decided to do a little personal project in 2018. I am going to take 1 selfie a day for all the days of 2018. Maybe I will carry it into 2019 as well. Nobody knows. But I want to do it because I’d love to see the development we go through in a year. I think it could be magnificent.

2. Eat less meat
I NEVER thought I would write this. Ever. Because I absolutely LOVE meat. I don’t think I have ever ordered something vegetarian in my life. But I have come to realize that meat is not all that really good for you or the environment. So I have decided to eat less meat, not cut it out of my diet entirely but I will treat meat like I treat candy. All in moderation.

3. Out and about
My friends will nod agreeingly as I state this. I am not a going out person. I don’t really go to parties or to clubs or out for drinks. I never have. But I want to change that. In 2018 I will try to be more social and actually attend some of those fabulous parties I am often invited to!

4. Run forrest run
I hate running, I really do. Actually I just hate being active in general. A brisk walk? No thanks. A little hour at the gym? I don’t think so. But running is good for my mind. It clears my head and I need that, living the way I do. I work more hours than I should and travel a lot so I am thinking that running would be a good way for me to calm my stress levels when it all gets a little too much.

5. Put down the phone
Now this is a tough one. Putting down the phone. Fear of missing out much? Actually it’s not so hard for me but I feel that it is hard for my surroundings when I put down my phone. Living in a technical age like we do, it’s hard for other people to understand when you need a break. “Why aren’t you picking up your phone?”, “it took you hours to respond to my text messages”, “you havn’t put anything on instagram today” – is only some of the things I hear if I dare put my phone down for a day. But in 2018, I want to be better at putting myself first, cause sometimes you just really need a break.


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