Ahh the new years resolutions, better late than never. I actually don’t know if people like to hear / care about what other peoples resolutions are but I find them quite inspirational. Some of them at least.. the whole “I wanna go to the gym more” well, that’s getting a bit old. Just do it. And add some Nike while you’re at it – believe me, a killer outfit helps. I have written down my 5 resolutions for 2019, which I hope is doable. Sometimes I’ve had 10, and to be honest, it’s a bit too much for me. I can’t have that many things hanging over my head. It stresses me out cause I am a quite dutiful person. Anyway – here we go:

This it not to others, but to myself. Of course being nice to other people is also a must but I think I was raised right to begin with and don’t really have a problem behaving in general so this one is just for me. I have always been quite fortunate in that way that I have never really been beating myself up, not in front of the mirror or inside my head, I guess it just never occurred to me when I was younger. But since I had my first anxiety attack this summer I haven’t quite been the same. I doubt myself quicker than I used to, I tell myself I am weak when I get overwhelmed and I’m starting to pick at myself when I look in the mirror. That has to stop now! I used to always be on my side, and god damn it, it sucks to be agains yourself! What is that even? If you think about it, all you really have is yourself, and you are hanging out with yourself all the time. So in 2019, I am putting a stop to how my mind has been wandering the last 6 months. I am not weak, I am healing. I will stop doubting myself, I can do ANYTHING. And I am NOT ugly, what a load of crap. So there. Be nicer to yourself, and that goes for me and for you too.

Uhh this is a biggie and I know that just the title of this resolution makes a lot of people roll their eyes. I just want to clarify, I am not a Vegan. I don’t think I ever will be, do I eat less meat than I used to? Yes. Do I love meat, god yes. But the older I get the more I realize that my body is mine to take care of, and nobody is gonna do it for me. I wish I could say I wanted to be more plant based because of the environment but that is not my main motivation, I have to say. Maybe next year one of my resolutions will have the title “planet earth” and then we can roll our eyes at that but for now, it’s purely selfish reasons. I want to he happier, healthier and stronger. I hate feeling tired, and I have a suspicion it’s because of what I put in my body. SO my goal this year is to have 3 days a week where I don’t eat any meat, and then have 2 days that are completely plant based, so no eggs, no dairy, no meat – nothing. And then have 2 days a week where I can eat a bit more “normal” – this is when I go out to eat and I really want that creamy, cheesy pasta or taco’s with pulled pork because YUM. I hope this will make me feel better than I do now and who knows, maybe I will be mostly plant based when the year is over.

As many of you know (and have commented on), my style has kinda changed in 2018. It was something that needed to happen because I used to be more focused on what I thought you guys wanted to see than what I actually wanted to wear. I suddenly realized how stupid the whole thing was a late night when I was standing in line at Netto in Copenhagen in my sweatpants, sneaks, gucci socks, oversized blazer with a hoodie underneath and my favorite cap – just wearing something I threw on because I was done shooting for the day. Suddenly the girl behind me taps on my shoulder and says to me “wow I love your outfit, do you have instagram?” – and I instantly thought “yes but you wouldn’t recognize me on there, cause I don’t look like this on IG” and then it dawned on me. Why don’t I? This is what I actually wear so what am I even doing? And since then I have tried to stay very true to my actual outfits, it’s hard sometimes because I often think that you guys won’t like what I wear but you engage with me more than ever so I am thankful for the epiphany.

This literally just popped in my head the other day, I don’t and never have, really invested in myself. It’s very weird to think about. I mean, I have no problem, at all, investing in a pair of shoes, nor a bag or a fantastic jacket. But me? My skin? My mind? My feet? My body? Nooo.. I don’t have that kind of money. That’s what I tell my self, and what a load of crap. In 2019, I will invest in myself – I will invest in facials, in getting one massage a month, in food supplements and mani’s and pedi’s. I’m sure I’ll find more stuff along the way but this is what I will start with. And it already scares me! I always feel so guilty spending money on something like a facial, it feels selfish – but I need to be more selfish like that. It’s my face, my body and my wellbeing and I want to throw some money at that topic. So there.

This might be a no brainer to a lot of people but the truth is that when you are born somewhere cold (like I am) going outside is not always the most tasty thing on the menu. Not for me anyways. And because I grew up in the north and because I am prone to be cold always, I have become kind of a “under the blanket” type of person. Well now that I spend so much time in LA I would like to take advantage of the weather. You might think that it’s easy, I mean just go outside right? But quite frankly I have to remind myself to do outside activities because I am so used to being an indoor person. So in 2019, I would like to enjoy eating outside more, taking walks in the warm evenings, sitting on my balcony while I work and also, I want to bird around more – not just take the car. Welcome to sunny California Maria!


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