Gracias Madre
8905 Melrose Ave, West Hollywood, CA 90069
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I am back with yet another tip from the city of angels. Maybe someday this blog will just turn into an LA blog – we never know. That’s a joke btw. BUT I wanted to share a tip for a restaurant with you. People who are familiar with LA and especially West Hollywood will probably know it. It’s called Gracias Madre and is a plant based Mexican restaurant that specializes in meat alternatives and brilliant cocktails. It’s the perfect place for a relaxed dinner, you can sit both outside in the courtyard but also inside in the beautifully decorated restaurant. If you appreciate a sense of style, this is definitely the place for you. I wasn’t super impressed with the presentation of the food itself but it was delicious and a good marble table always helps. The crowd was everything from super fancy hollywood’ers to big family enjoying a good meal. It’s reasonably priced and a really cosy place to hang out. Remember to make a reservation – it’s pretty crowded.



Shirt / Men’s Calvin Klein, Biker shorts / Spanx, Bag / Hermès (Kelly), Shoes / Zara (old), Sunglasses / Celiné

Jewelry /
Signet ring / Bodil Binner (see more here), Gold ring with pearl (own design), Silver leafs ring / Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen (shop here), Earrings / Jane Kønig (shop here)

Location: Los Angeles, California
Photo by Birgitte Wiborg
Photos taken with iPhone X

It’s funny how bikershorts have suddenly become a thing. But I wanna say thanks to whoever wore them out as an outfit first – because I am in LOVE with them. I grew up around professional biking, my older brother was on the national team and used to bike all around the world so this “uniform” is not foreign to me. I just never thought about wearing them out with a dress shirt and a pair of heels but I really mean it when I say – It’s my new favorite outfit. I have found that SPANX makes amazing “biker shorts” – they are actually just high waisted, tummy tightening panties but I like to use them as shorts. They are so high waisted, it gives me life! 

Also the day I wore this outfit I drove by this big marble looking building in WeHo and just yelled “WE HAVE TO STOP HERE” so loud that Birgitte almost jumped out the car in fear. But seriously – who could have dreamed of a whole building in look a like marble?! My god the world is once again perfect. Arhg.. that might be a stretch but LA keeps being amazing!

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T-shirt / No brand, Pants / IAMGIA (shop here), Shoes / Adidas Yung-1 (shop here)

Jewelry /
Ring / Bodil Binner (see more here), Earrings / Jane Kønig (shop here)

Location: Joshua Tree, Yucca Valley, California
Photo by Birgitte Wiborg
Photos taken with Canon 5D mark 2

I had been wanting to see Joshua tree for years. Cause lets be honest, the photos people take there look like magic. Basically Joshua tree and Yucca Valley is about 3 hours east of LA – over the mountains and directly into the desert. It’s like another world. I have had my bestie B staying with me for a couple of weeks and we decided to take a trip out into the nothingness. We rented a small, but wonderful cabin in the middle of nowhere in Yucca Valley about 10 minutes in car from the Joshua Tree national park and just had the best time. No neighbors, no pavement on the roads – just sunshine and some wine. More pics from Joshua Tree coming up. Stay tuned.






Blazer / Missoni (shop here), Jeans / Supreme NY (shop here), T-shirt / Redone (shop here), Socks / In n out (shop here), Sneakers / Balenciaga (shop here), Bag / Boyy (shop here), Earrings / Gucci (shop here)

Picture / Pinterest

If I were to write one of these for September at home in Copenhagen, it might have looked a bit different. Warmer, I guess. Over here the sun is shining but that doesn’t mean we don’t layer up a little bit, the evenings get colder and I like to switch my sandals for sneakers. I am very much into the blazer, t-shirt and jeans look. It’s comfy, stylish and put together without being overly “dressed”. This blazer from Missoni is constantly on my mind since I found it! It’s a knitted blazer that will add just the right amount of slouch to any outfit – I love it! The supreme jeans is a constant craving of mine but I can never find them in my size – always sold out they are. Damn it. The new triple S colors are awesome, I might already have them in all white but I wouldn’t mind rocking these blue and purple detailed ones. All in all – I need more money! So much awesome stuff to wear, cruel and unfair fashion world.




This is not gonna be an “omg I’m a new person and everything is sparkly now” kind of post. I’m gonna try to be very honest with my experience as I think it’s an important subject. I’m normally quite private. Yes this is a “personal blog” but I never really talk about much more personal things than the weather. That’s not what I wanted this blog to be, you see – I wanted it to be about the products, the travels, the outfits – not about my oatmeal or weather or not me and my boyfriend were fighting. I’m not really like that in real life either, I share real stuff with very few people and therefore I wanted the blog to be my creative space more than my personal outlet. BUT with that said, this subject is personal and it is something worth talking about.

Was my digital detox a revelation? No. Obviously not – 6 months on a deserted island probably would be or a winter spend it total isolation in Scotland – sure. But these 10 days, not so much. It was a break and I needed it, more than ever really. Digital detoxing is a weird phenomenon, I always thought that it would be a super easy thing to do cause it’s just putting your phone down right? I don’t think we realize how much we have a phone in our hand until we don’t. The first 3 days I barely knew what to do with myself when I was “bored” cause normally I just pull out my phone and TADA – suddenly I am not bored anymore. But I had some good “staring into space” moments and after a while it really wasn’t so bad. I slept a lot, cried a bit and went for a lot of walks. Repairing myself I guess – it has been hard not slowing down or taking any sort of break for as long as I have. Honestly I could use a bit more time of, I mean, I love what I do – but it’s a long time since I just felt myself and didn’t rush through my day like a maniac. So what I am thinking is, I need a new way of going about these days of mine that I feel so blessed to have. Breathe more and actually allow myself some breaks, because I never do. In my mind everything can always be done better and faster. If I take any sort of break or I don’t eat in front of my computer or don’t do a phone meeting on my way to another meeting I almost punish myself for not being effective enough. It’s scary and I don’t want it to be like that anymore. It’s not that I want to be less productive but I would like to enjoy my day and not just make time go as fast as possible so I can do as much as possible. It sucks. Anyway – that’s all I had to say about that. Digital detoxing is always a good idea and I definitely recommend it – but I will say this, instead of enhancing the detoxing of my life I think I wanna work on being better towards myself everyday and not just every 3 years.


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