Blazer / Missoni (shop here), Jeans / Supreme NY (shop here), T-shirt / Redone (shop here), Socks / In n out (shop here), Sneakers / Balenciaga (shop here), Bag / Boyy (shop here), Earrings / Gucci (shop here)

Picture / Pinterest

If I were to write one of these for September at home in Copenhagen, it might have looked a bit different. Warmer, I guess. Over here the sun is shining but that doesn’t mean we don’t layer up a little bit, the evenings get colder and I like to switch my sandals for sneakers. I am very much into the blazer, t-shirt and jeans look. It’s comfy, stylish and put together without being overly “dressed”. This blazer from Missoni is constantly on my mind since I found it! It’s a knitted blazer that will add just the right amount of slouch to any outfit – I love it! The supreme jeans is a constant craving of mine but I can never find them in my size – always sold out they are. Damn it. The new triple S colors are awesome, I might already have them in all white but I wouldn’t mind rocking these blue and purple detailed ones. All in all – I need more money! So much awesome stuff to wear, cruel and unfair fashion world.


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