This is not gonna be an “omg I’m a new person and everything is sparkly now” kind of post. I’m gonna try to be very honest with my experience as I think it’s an important subject. I’m normally quite private. Yes this is a “personal blog” but I never really talk about much more personal things than the weather. That’s not what I wanted this blog to be, you see – I wanted it to be about the products, the travels, the outfits – not about my oatmeal or weather or not me and my boyfriend were fighting. I’m not really like that in real life either, I share real stuff with very few people and therefore I wanted the blog to be my creative space more than my personal outlet. BUT with that said, this subject is personal and it is something worth talking about.

Was my digital detox a revelation? No. Obviously not – 6 months on a deserted island probably would be or a winter spend it total isolation in Scotland – sure. But these 10 days, not so much. It was a break and I needed it, more than ever really. Digital detoxing is a weird phenomenon, I always thought that it would be a super easy thing to do cause it’s just putting your phone down right? I don’t think we realize how much we have a phone in our hand until we don’t. The first 3 days I barely knew what to do with myself when I was “bored” cause normally I just pull out my phone and TADA – suddenly I am not bored anymore. But I had some good “staring into space” moments and after a while it really wasn’t so bad. I slept a lot, cried a bit and went for a lot of walks. Repairing myself I guess – it has been hard not slowing down or taking any sort of break for as long as I have. Honestly I could use a bit more time of, I mean, I love what I do – but it’s a long time since I just felt myself and didn’t rush through my day like a maniac. So what I am thinking is, I need a new way of going about these days of mine that I feel so blessed to have. Breathe more and actually allow myself some breaks, because I never do. In my mind everything can always be done better and faster. If I take any sort of break or I don’t eat in front of my computer or don’t do a phone meeting on my way to another meeting I almost punish myself for not being effective enough. It’s scary and I don’t want it to be like that anymore. It’s not that I want to be less productive but I would like to enjoy my day and not just make time go as fast as possible so I can do as much as possible. It sucks. Anyway – that’s all I had to say about that. Digital detoxing is always a good idea and I definitely recommend it – but I will say this, instead of enhancing the detoxing of my life I think I wanna work on being better towards myself everyday and not just every 3 years.


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