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Blazer / Missoni (shop here), Jeans / Supreme NY (shop here), T-shirt / Redone (shop here), Socks / In n out (shop here), Sneakers / Balenciaga (shop here), Bag / Boyy (shop here), Earrings / Gucci (shop here)

Picture / Pinterest

If I were to write one of these for September at home in Copenhagen, it might have looked a bit different. Warmer, I guess. Over here the sun is shining but that doesn’t mean we don’t layer up a little bit, the evenings get colder and I like to switch my sandals for sneakers. I am very much into the blazer, t-shirt and jeans look. It’s comfy, stylish and put together without being overly “dressed”. This blazer from Missoni is constantly on my mind since I found it! It’s a knitted blazer that will add just the right amount of slouch to any outfit – I love it! The supreme jeans is a constant craving of mine but I can never find them in my size – always sold out they are. Damn it. The new triple S colors are awesome, I might already have them in all white but I wouldn’t mind rocking these blue and purple detailed ones. All in all – I need more money! So much awesome stuff to wear, cruel and unfair fashion world.



1/ (shop here), 2/ (shop here), 3/ (shop here), 4/ (shop here), 5/ (shop here), 6/ (shop here), 7/ (shop here), 8/ (shop here), 9/ (shop here), 10/ (shop here)

Nok har jeg lavet en guide til hvad du kan give kvinderne i dit liv, men mange af os har også mange dejlige mænd i vores liv og de skal også have lækre gaver. Jeg har f.eks. både en far, en bedstefar og ikke mindre end 3 brødre. Så lidt herre julegave indkøb er vist også på sin plads. Udover gucci loafers, Wegner stole og lækre musik gadgets – så husk også at mange mænd (særligt fædre) bliver også meget glade for god vin og andre ting de kan komme i maven. Så hvis du er super sent ude med julegave shopping er der altid den dyre afdeling i Kvickly! Så må man flotte sig lidt. Ellers er der som sagt heroven over lidt inspiration til hvad du kan give mændene i dit liv. God fornøjelse.

english: I may have already done a guide for giving gifts to the women in your life, but many of us also have a lot of great men in our lives who also need awesome gifts. I myself have no less than a dad, a grandfather and 3 brothers. So a little male Christmas inspiration is also suited! Besides classic gucci loafers, Wegner chairs and awesome music gadgets – remember that many men (especially dads) love a good bottle of wine and other things they can put in their stomachs. So if you have been super late with your Christmas shopping this year, head to the expensive part of the wine section in your supermarket and splurge. Otherwise, click the links above and find some inspiration on what to give the men in your life. Enjoy!



Jacket / Alpha Industries (shop here)

Location: Copenhagen
Photo by Laura /
Photos taken with Canon 5D 

I dag vil jeg dele noget med jer som står mit hjerte nær! Nemlig det at dele tøj med sin kæreste. Hvilket i min verden er vanvittig genialt! Ikke nok med at man på den måde kan anskaffe sig flere ting men man har måske også råd til en lidt dyrere og lækker ting! Sebastian og jeg er heldige i den forstand at vi er ret meget samme størrelse. Vi er næsten lige høje, har nogenlunde lige lange arme osv. Sebastian er dog en del bredere end mig henover skulderne og brystet (thank god) – så vi er ikke begge en small (thank god igen). Jeg er normalt en small/medium og Sebastian er en medium/large. Derfor kan vi sagtens dele items som jakker, hættetrøjer og t-shirts. Så det gør vi! Her er et eksempel på en af vores mange dele jakker. Vi har dog lånt den i 2 eksemplarer ellers er det jo bare mig i en jakke og Sebastian uden. Det går ikke rigtig. Jakken er lidt stor i det, derfor passer vi den begge fint i medium. På sebastian sidder den perfekt og på mig er den lidt oversize hvilket jeg synes passer rigtig godt til jakkens look. Vi burde alle dele mere, det er også bedre for planeten skal i huske! Hvem end der får sin kæreste til at købe et par “dele” glitter støvler skal lige smide mig en mail, så sender jeg sgu blomster! God fornøjelse!

english: Today I am going to share something with you that’s very close to my heart. And that is to share clothing items with ones boyfriend. Which to me is beyond genius! Not only is it then possible to have more clothes but it is also an opportunity to buy something a little more expensive because you are two to split the bill. Sebastian and I are lucky in the way that we are pretty much the same size. We are almost the same height, our arms are roughly the same length ect. But Sebastian is quite larger in the chest area and broader over the shoulders than I am (thank god) and we are not both a size small (thank god for that too). I normally wear a size small/medium and Sebastian wears a size medium/large. Thats why we can easily share items like jackets, hoodies and t-shirts. So that we do! Above you see an example of one of our many “shared jackets”. Of course for this particular post we have borrowed an extra one, otherwise it would be me in a jacket and Sebastian without one. Which wouldn’t make much sense I’m afraid. The jacket is slightly big in size therefore we can easily share a medium. It fit’s me oversize (which goes great with the style of the jacket) while it fits Sebastian perfectly. Win win! We should all share more, it’s also better for the planet! Btw; who ever get’s their boyfriend to buy a “shared” pair of glitter boots, e-mail me, I will send you flowers! Enjoy!


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1/ (shop here), 2/ (shop here), 3/ (shop here), 4/ (shop here), 5/ (shop here), 6/ (shop here), 7/ (shop here), 8/ (shop here), 9/ (shop here), 10/ (shop here)


Julen er tid til forkælelse, ikke forkølelse men forkælelse. Om det er forkælelse til dig selv eller til nogen du holder af så er denne måned, perfekt til netop dette. Jeg har samlet en lille bunke godter til jer derude som endnu ikke ved hvad i skal købe til damerne i jeres liv. Det er en blanding af ting jeg selv ønsker mig (hint hint blå Vetements støvler, please!) og ting som jeg ville give mine veninder, min mor eller andre seje kvinder i mit liv. Jeg synes at bogen “I fought the law” er en über cool gave at give en som elsker USA og en cashmere sovemaske eller en lækker pyjamas kan man sgu aldrig gå helt galt i byen med. Husk at indpakningen er næsten lige så vigtig som det der er inden i! God fornøjelse og happy shopping!

english: Christmas is the time to spoil and be spoiled. Whether you are spoiling yourself or someone you love, December is a perfect time to do it! I have collected a little gathering of awesome things for you out there who still doesn’t know what to give the lovely ladies in your life. It’s a mixture of things I am wishing for myself (wink wink blue Vetements boots, please!) and things I would gift my girlfriends, my mom or other awesome ladies in my life. I especially think that the book “I fought the law” is a super cool gift to someone who loves the US and a cashmere sleeping mask or a silk PJ is something everyone loves! Remember that the wrapping is almost as important as the gift inside. Enjoy and happy shopping!


  Location: Greece / Ekies Resort
Bubo Restaurant / Read more here
Photos taken with Canon 5D 

Inden vi ankom til Ekies gjorde jeg hvad enhver velforberedt blogger ville gøre, jeg læste op på mine lektier. Meget hurtigt efter jeg begyndte at læse om resortet fandt jeg ud af at en af deres specialiteter er mad. I dag vil jeg snakke med jer om Bubo, en af Ekies helt fantastiske spise muligheder – 1 ud af 4 restauranter. Ekies kalder selv Bubo for deres ala carte stolthed og jeg kunne ikke være mere enig. Menuen er moderne græsk og ikke nok med at smagspaletten er helt vidunderlig, anretningen af maden er også helt vildt flot! En rigtig lækker bisken for det sultne øje. Alt man spiser og drikker på Bubo er valgt præcis til dig og din menu, det er virkelig noget man kan mærke når man spiser der. Intet er tilfældigt. At spise på Bubo er lidt som at spise med ens familie det er bare lidt mere michelin agtigt. Servicen er i top, der er en afslappet, lækker stemning og maden ligner noget fra et magasin. Alt dette toppes kun af at man nærmest sidder på stranden og spiser med den mest fantastiske udsigt. Jeg kan kun anbefale alle at prøve denne fantastiske mad oplevelse, det er en man husker.

english: Prior to our arrival at Ekies I did what any well prepared blogger would do, I read up on my home work. Very quickly after I started to read about the resort I found out that one of their specialities is food. Today I want to talk about Bubo, one of Ekies amazing dining opportunities – it is 1 of 4 restaurants. Ekies calles Bubo their ala carte gem and I couldn’t agree more. The menu is modern greek and not only are the flavors mouth watering the way the food is served is also beyond impressive. A real treat for the hungry eye. Everything you eat or drink at this place is carefully selected for you and it really stands out from other restaurant experiences. At least the ones I have tried. Eating at Bubo is kinda like eating with your family but michelin style. It’s comfortable, beautiful, the service is high, friendly and welcoming and the food looks like something out of a magazine. All that is only topped by the fact that you are almost sitting on the beach, eating with a breathtaking view. It’s nothing short of a stunning experience that I would recommend for anyone who loves to treat themselves. 


Little Damage
700 S Spring St, Los Angeles, CA 90014
Read more here

Første stop, is – er jeg den eneste? Min super checkede og mega seje assistent Isabella havde set de her sorte valfer på instagram og befalet at jeg skulle tage derhen når jeg kom til L.A. For pokker hvor var det den lange køre tur indtil downtown værd! På hjørnet af snavset og støjende lå dette lille ternede drømmeland. Familie ejet is butik med is til både de lactose intolerente og veganerne. Oh og de der sorte vafler, SÅ seje! Jeg prøvede deres almond charcoal med oreo stykker på, det var fantastisk og så er stedet super instagram venligt. Du burde seriøst overveje at svinge forbi denne lille perle hvis du befinder dig i Los Angeles.

english: First stop, ice cream – am I right? My über cool and upbeat assistant Isabella had seen these black cones all over instagram and told me I had to go check it out when I touched down in L.A. My goodness was it worth the drive into downtown. On the corner of noisy and loud was this little checked dream of a place. Family owned ice cream shop with both lactose free and vegan friendly options to choose from. And those pitch black super cool cones, SO awesome! I tried the almond charcoal with oreo bits on top, it was amazing – and such a instagram friendly place. In love! You absolutely must swing by if you are in Los Angeles.


Photos from ELLE UK

Photos from Vogue Mexico and Stylestalker

Jeg sad for et par dage siden og kiggede mine streetstyle billeder igennem fra 2016 og lagde mærke til at jeg har haft en masse røde detaljer i mine outfits hen over året. Det er ikke en hemmelighed jeg er meget glad for rød, måske fordi jeg altid har fået at vide at rødhåret piger ikke kan gå med rødt. Gu kan de så! Jeg er både til helt røde outfits men også til en rød taske, eller bare en rød læbe. I 2017 ønsker jeg mig en rød sweatshirt (helst fra vetements) samt et par røde gucci loafers – helst dem i krokodille men de kræver lidt (MEGET!) opsparing. Jeg har samlet lidt flere røde favoritter nedenfor – jeg kan mærke jeg ikke helt kan ligge den røde detalje endnu. Og hvorfor skulle jeg? It looks awesome!

english: I was looking over my streetstyle images from 2016 and instantly noticed that I have rocked a lot of red details through out the year. It’s not a secret that I have a thing for red, maybe mostly because I was always told that red-haired girls can’t wear red. Hell they can! I love both completely red outfits but also a red bag or just a red lip. In 2017 I am wishing for a red sweatshirt (preferably vestments) and a pair of red Gucci loafers. I dream of them in crocodile but to be honest those need some serious saving. I have gathered some more red favorites down below. I am not yet done with my red romance, why would I be? It looks awesome!


Favorites from
1. (shop here), 2. (shop here), 3. (shop here), 4. (shop here)



Runway photo from Vogue 

Left; Embellished bag / Alexander McQueen (shop here), Clutch / Valentino (shop here), Glitter bag / Saint Laurent (shop here)
Right; Sequin bag / Becksöndergaard (shop here), Chain purse / Adax (shop here), Velvet clutch / MSGM (shop here)

Når du vælger din festtaske skal du forestille dig at du er ude og shoppe de øreringe du skal have på. Den er lige så meget et smykke i sig selv som de smykker du pynter dig med. Glitter, velour, stenbesat, nitte besat eller måske helt simpel? De fleste mener nok at man ikke burde larme i hele ens outfit, vild kjole = knap så vilde accessories, simpel kjole = vildere accessories. Jeg vil til dels give dem ret, med mindre man ikke er bange for at lave print på print eller sten på sten lige som Dolce & Gabbana på billedet ovenfor. De er verdenskendt for at være “for meget” på verdens fedeste måde, så det er lidt hvad man er til. I forhold til fest påklædning vil jeg sige jeg er ret sort hvid. Jeg kan godt lidt en simpel kjole med en simpel taske, her er den blå Adax storfavorit, jeg elsker kæden og den dybemørkeblå, perfekt til et klassisk, stilet outfit. Men hvis der skal larmes så skal der larmes, jeg ville elske at tage den glitrende, lyserøde Saint Laurent taske med en tur ud og danse i en vild printet sag eller måske en palliet kjole, aha! Ikke så kedeligt endda. Nyd jeres julefester, de er så dejlige!

english: When you are choosing your party bag, you must take it just as serious as if you were shopping for jewelry. It’s just as much a part of the outfit as the right earrings. Sparkles, velvet, embellished, filled with studs or maybe completely simple? Most girls would never wear something too loud, wild dress = less wild accessories, classic dress = wilder accessories. That’s kinda the “rules”. And I do agree with them on some level, unless of course you are not afraid to go all out on print and stones like Dolce & Gabbana in the photo above. They are known all over the world for their vivid prints and beautiful bags, and they are the best at putting it together. I guess I am pretty black n white when it comes to dressing for parties. If I choose a classic dress I also like to wear a classic bag, like the blue one from Adax. I love the chain strap and the clean front, perfekt for a night out. But if it’s a party where dancing on the tables is allowed I would go nuts for the glittery Saint Laurent bag and probably pair it with a sequin dress or something crazy printed. Nothing wrong with going all out, hope you have some wonderful holiday parties! 


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Sneakers and phone cover / By Malene Birger (shop here and here), Bag / Hugo Boss (shop here), Bag / Adax (shop here), Eyeshadow / Gosh (shop here), Nailpolish / OPI (shop here)

Jeg synes det er dejligt at have en palette at arbejde rundt om når en ny sæson kommer. Sidste efterår var jeg helt fortabt i dyb flaske grøn, jeg købte alt i det! Solbriller, frakker, bukser, tasker – det hele. Denne sæson er jeg vild med denne bruge, beige, grå farvelade forvirring, heldigvis kan man også få alting i den! Det er som om grå og brun har fået en baby! Jeg er særligt vild med denne farve fordi den klæder virkelig mange, jeg vil næsten gå så langt som at sige alle. OG så er den tidsløs – fantastisk.

english: I love to have a pallet to work around when the seasons change, last fall I loved the deep bottle green. I got everything in it, sunglasses, coats, pants, bags – whatever! This season I am super into this grey beige brown situation that you see above. Luckily it comes in about everything this season and it’s beautiful! It’s like grey and brown had a baby, I love it! I am especially crazy about this color because it suits so many, dare I say all? AND it’s timeless – amazing. 

 X M 

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This shirt has quite wide ties which makes it perfect for a “flat lay” as I like to call it. Simply smooth down the ties in front of you (make sure it’s ironed). It can be worn over a dress, a sweater vest, a cardigan or on it’s own. I know you are never supposed to give up the best in the front, but this is definitely my favorite way to style this shirt. I think its different, classic and quite cool.



Inspo from the gentlemens department indeed. You know those men who doesn’t wear a tie but like a little cloth around their neck but under the shirt? It’s apparently called a neckerchief and that’s where this styling option comes from. Simply tuck the ties into the dress (or whatever you are styling with) and “puff it up” a bit to create some volume.



Not a hard one to figure out, I know, but it’s silly and unexpected. An oversized bowtie is the way to go if you are feeling brave and too cute for the business look. There’s not much too it, make a twist with the ties and make sure it’s same size on both sides. Kinda reminds me of the ones clowns wear, the cute clowns (not the scary ones!)

Location: Copenhagen
Photo by Sebastian /

Shirt / Britt Sisseck (shop here), Dress / 2nd day

“En skjorte med flere styling muligheder” er hvordan Britt Sisseck selv beskriver denne skjorte, og jeg kunne ikke være mere enig. Jeg håber i kunne lide min lille guide trods den var på engelsk. Det giver bare mere mening at gøre det på ét sprog hvor alle kan være med når det er flere tekster. Jeg følte ihvertfald jeg absolut måtte lave et post om denne skjorte da jeg selv fik den prøvet og så hvor mange måder den kunne styles på. Det kan sikkert gøres på mange, mange flere måder! Happy styling!

english: “a shirt with multiple styling options” is how Britt Sisseck describes this shirt herself and I couldn’t agree more. I hope you liked this little guide, I felt I absolutely had to make it once I found out how many ways this shirt could be styled and I am sure it can be worn even more ways! Have fun playing with your shirts!

X M 

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