1. Sportsbra / Nike (shop here), 2. Camera / Polaroid (shop here), 3. Sweatpants / Yeezy (shop here), 4. Sunglasses / Celiné (shop here), 5. Earring / The last line (shop here), 6. Blazer / Gucci (shop here), 7. Bag / Fantabody (shop here), 8. Bodysuit / Live the process (shop here), 9. Liquid toner / Dr. Jart (shop here), 10. Mules / Cult Gaia (shop here)

Starting the year off a bit casual and a fit formal. I love mixing a blazer with sweatpants. It’s actually one of my favorite things to do and also what my closet consists most of these days, blazers and sweatpants. Why not throw them together. I even love pairing them up with sneakers (surprise), but then I stumbled upon these AMAZING Cult Gaia shoes in clear, I am in love. just look at the heel! So artistic. Also very reasonably priced and I predict them to be quite popular this spring.

I don’t think its any surprise that I would wear it with a sports bra and a fanny pack. I love this one from Fantabody, their logo it super cool and not something you see everyday. BTW don’t you just love this onesie thing I found?! I think people use it for ballet but I would wear it just with heels, kinda like a catsuit – it’s perfection. Again, just throw on the blazer, it goes with everything.

Anyway – hope your January is going well, I will be sharing some Arizona tips with you shortly! Happy shopping beautiful people!



Shorts / I AM GIA (shop here), Bag / Eastpack (shop here), Shoes / Zara (old), Hat / Johnson Controls

Jewelry /
Necklace / Maria Black (shop here)
Earrings / Zara (old)

Location: Scottsdale, Arizona
Photos taken with Canon 5D mark 2

Starting this year off with a little trip to Arizona, I needed to see some more desert, it’s so pretty and the air is so clean. It’s also warmer here. It’s raining ALL the time in Los Angeles. I have never spend time in LA in January and February and so far I am not loving it. It’s so wet! But oh who cares, LA is still the bomb and I’ll take it wet over anywhere anytime.

I am exploring the desert but also Scottsdale which is a part of Phoenix that I haven’t been to before. I’ll do a little restaurant tip or something before I return to LA on sunday – I love exploring new places! It’s so fun to do a little get away, there is so much to see!



I am wearing:
Blazer / Maje (shop here), Bag / Gucci

Find Nobis Hotel Copenhagen here

December came and went, I thought about writing some “what to get your this and that for Christmas” but honestly I didn’t really feel like it and hey, it’s after all my blog so I can do as I please. It’s kinda awesome. In the past I have been more active on my blog than I have on Instagram and for a while it was very 50/50. Now I find myself liking Instagram more as a platform because it’s so direct and I can really connect with you guys. I get messages in my DM daily about things you love that I do, or stuff you miss which is awesome feedback. That doesn’t mean I won’t be blogging, because I also love my blog and love sharing picture filled stories and write a little more than just the one caption. So don’t worry neither is going anywhere. I am of course writing “don’t worry” as I have gotten several messages on IG about my absence here on the blog in December. But you know what? Sometimes I just need a break, and often when I’m on a blogging break just means I am working on something else and that’s fun too!

It’s now 2019, Christmas was nice, New Years was nice and here we are again, it’s January. Probably the weirdest month of the year. I love new years resolutions tho, also love sharing them so I will, once I get back to LA. Right now I am sitting in a big bed in a beautiful hotel room at the Nobis Hotel in the heart of Coco. Feels like home even though it’s the first time I stay here. I’ll share my hotel experience with you in one of my TIP posts, cause it’s worth writing about. Anyway – I am off to a couple of meetings now and then tomorrow I will be on a plane home to LA. Can’t wait.


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Shop here, here and here

I am wearing
Sweatshirt / Found at Venice Beach, Track pants / Adidas Calabasas pants (shop here), Sneakers / Adidas Yung-1 (shop here)

Location: Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles, USA
Photos taken with Canon 5D mark 2

On the road again! I can’t believe I have already been here for 3 months, it’s insane how time flies. Why is it no one tells you that as a child? If I could I would tell younger me to appreciate how far away Christmas seemed all the time, and how loooong away my birthday always was in my mind. Cause now, a year is over as soon as I blink my eyes. It’s insane. It’s almost Christmas again and I will be in Copenhagen once again. This time staying with my bestie B. I can’t wait to see her again, she is one of those people I feel best seeing at least every two days. That’s a bit hard when I am here and she is there. But someday, we’ll be neighbors, our kids will play together and our husbands will be the best of friends. We’ve already agreed on that.

These photos were taken at one of my favorite places in LA, the Disney Concert Hall. An architectural wonder if you ask me and definitely worth the ride to downtown. My dad took me there when we visited LA together and even though I had at that point been to LA many times, I never saw it and now every time I drive by it, it makes me miss him. He always has the best eye for beauty and he has thought me to see it in just about anything.

It will be so nice to spend almost a total of 5 weeks in Denmark and then return to LA again in January. I will once again be flying with my favorite pink airline WOW air. I leave today and can’t wait to be in the air once again, they always spoil me rotten with big seats and lots of food. It’s so nice. If you need to visit LA in the new year, be sure to check out WOW air’s amazing prices here.

Thank you for tuning in friends, I’ll be back once I’m home in Denmark again.


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Top / Gina Tricot, Jeans / Weekday, Sneakers / Adidas Yung-1, Backpack / Chanel

Location: Los Angeles, California
Photo by Birgitte Wiborg
Photos taken with iPhone 8

So we found them, the famous trashcans. Word has it that they move around, and I said to Birgitte – “while you are here we should really see if we can find those Gucci trash cans”. About two hours later we take a short cut, trying to cut the traffic by going behind the bigger roads and suddenly B says (totally calm btw), “isn’t that them?” and she points into an alley and there they were, the gucci trashcans. I of course almost crashed the car in pure excitement but we survived. Thank god, otherwise how could we have photographed them?! That is the question. I guess everything happens for a reason.

I have gotten a ton of questions about these jeans on instagram, because I wear them all the time on my story and it seems you guys want to know where they are from. Well the denim it self is from Weekday, so the original pant was from Weekday. They make the best jeans honestly, I don’t care how many super expensive jean brands there are, Weekday rules. The quality is unbeatable. I have then cut off the top of the pants (the button too) and slit the jeans by the knees and I tore open the bottom. Then I washed them 5 times and now they look like this. I absolutely love them and live in them several days a week.


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