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Hat / LA RAMS, Blazer / Own design, Hoodie / YSMN, Shorts / Pieszak, Sneakers / Yeezy 350

Location: The Getty Center, Los Angeles, California
Photos taken with iPhone 8

Ah yes, The Getty, a place I have always wanted to see but never really made time to see. You know those places? I have a whole book of them. In the whole world actually but for LA, the list is long. I still have to go hike in the Malibu mountains, drive down Mulholland drive, do some sort of horse back riding and so much MUCH more. Not to mention all the restaurants I have not yet eaten at. I feel like I discover new ones everyday. It’s almost stressful (tough I know).

You can’t photograph inside The Getty because, well, it’s filled with Picasso, Rembrandt and more but the outside is just as breathtaking. Sitting on a hill just of Sunset Blvd, The Getty shines over looking Los Angeles in all it’s glory. White tile, majestic shapes and pillars everywhere. It is an architectural masterpiece and a true pleasure to wander around there for hours. They also have The Getty gardens below on the hill and also here does perfection shine through. I highly recommend visiting this landmark, if not for the art, for the photo possibilities and amazing views.

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Visit The Getty Center
1200 Getty Center Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90049


The Canal Club
At the Scott resort and spa
4925 N Scottsdale Rd, Scottsdale, Arizona
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Okay just to be clear, I am coming back here – not just for the food, the decor, the drinks – but purely because of the surroundings. OMG I have rarely been a place that was so beautiful, comfortable and just chic. It was heaven. The Canal Club is a cuban inspired restaurant inside of the Scott resort and spa located in Scottsdale, Arizona. I went there to escape the rain LA had to offer and decided the desert would be a suitable place to run, and boy was I right.

I felt transported back to Bali with the crazy beautiful spaces, the outdoor gardens and the amazing food at The Canal Club. I had the cub salad two days in a row (yes I went there twice in 4 days), it was excellent, and so was the cuban sandwich and the tuna tostadas – yum! The Canal Club is also Arizona famous for their AMAZING cocktails, but should there be nothing on their large drink menu that suits your taste – the spa resort it self also has an amazing bar with even more amazing drinks.

I have decided to return in a couple of months and maybe this time with a full review of their rooms, the spa and more Canal Club. Stay tuned.


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Gracias Madre
8905 Melrose Ave, West Hollywood, CA 90069
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I am back with yet another tip from the city of angels. Maybe someday this blog will just turn into an LA blog – we never know. That’s a joke btw. BUT I wanted to share a tip for a restaurant with you. People who are familiar with LA and especially West Hollywood will probably know it. It’s called Gracias Madre and is a plant based Mexican restaurant that specializes in meat alternatives and brilliant cocktails. It’s the perfect place for a relaxed dinner, you can sit both outside in the courtyard but also inside in the beautifully decorated restaurant. If you appreciate a sense of style, this is definitely the place for you. I wasn’t super impressed with the presentation of the food itself but it was delicious and a good marble table always helps. The crowd was everything from super fancy hollywood’ers to big family enjoying a good meal. It’s reasonably priced and a really cosy place to hang out. Remember to make a reservation – it’s pretty crowded.


Peloton Supershop
No.46 Jln Raya Pantai Berawa
Berawa, Bali
Visit website here

Lets start this guide of with a true Canggu favorite and a place that is easy to love. With a stunning instagram, white marble tables and gorgeous food Peloton Supershop is a real breakfast homerun. Their bowls are tasty with a generous amount of toppings and their blue bowl is their signature best seller. It comes in a fresh coconut for extra flavor and is being photographed all over the place. They have a really nice selection of healthy shots and scooter parking just outside is super easy. Definitely worth a visit and it’s also my best friend Birgitte’s (who traveled with me to Bali) favorite place for bowls on this guide, and her taste is impeccable so enjoy!

Cafe Organic – Garden Gangsters
Jln. Batu Bolong 58x
Canggu, Bali
Visit website here

B and I had really high hopes for this place, from outside it looks amazing and inside the decor is very insta friendly, the menu looks great and the place is pretty packed. But to be honest it wasn’t the best we tried. The bowls were kind of heavy with not a lot of flavor, the drinks were average and the toppings weren’t very interesting. Not really a place we went to twice but it was okay. We had the chocolate bowl and the charcoal bowl – meh!

Nalu Bowls
Jl. Batu Mejan No.88
Canggu, Kuta Utara, Bandung, Bali
Visit website here

Nalu bowls is a true instagram favorite, they have several locations and most people in Bali know what Nalu Bowls is. The interior of the place in Canggu is cute, very island vibe’ish and the bowls are very tasty. Be aware though that you have to add your toppings in this place, it’s kind of nice actually – it means you can build your own bowl and really only add what you like. But they don’t tell you this upfront so as you can see in the photo B and I got them with only the basic toppings that are included. This place is definitely worth a visit or two!

Milk & Madu
Jalan Pantai Berawa #52
Canggu, Bali
Visit website here

Milk and Madu is currently at a different location than they normally would be so if you go there right now, please note that it’s a pop up location. Milk and Madu is very strong in the avocado/eggs game but their bowls are also quite good. The vibe of the place is nice and a lot of people eat here. Their fruit is completely freshly cut and their coffee is very good! Their menu is big and there is something for everybody, a good place to eat as a family, there will be something for everybody.

Ruko Cafe
Jl. Pantai Berawa No.99,
Tibubeneng, Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung, Bali
No website

Ruko Cafe is a small, busy and noisy place that is always completely full. I might have driving by it everyday and the place always packed! The bowls are tasty, the toppings homemade and it’s very fresh. There are a few seats outside for grabs if you don’t like it too busy around you. This is also a good place to bring you man if you have dragged him to Bali because their bowls are big!

Bali Bowls
Jalan Segara Perancak br Berawa Tibubene
Canggu, Bali
Visit website here

Last but definitely not least, my favorite breakfast place in Bali (so far). Bali Bowls is a cute two storage house with everything from breakfast to delicious nice cream. Their drinks, their bowls, their gluten free pancakes and superfood shots were all to die for. I loved all of it and just wanted to stay for hours. A slight breeze fills the little house on busy mornings and the staff is super nice and well informed about the food they are serving. You can also buy cute “Bali Bowls” t-shirts in the shop. The place is filled with local surfers and cool girls on scooters. It’s absolute heaven. A true must visit! Enjoy this beautiful place and send it a kiss from me when you pass by!



Malibu Farm
23000 Pacific Coast Hwy
Malibu, CA 90265

Der er mange mennesker i mit liv jeg godt kunne tænke mig at vise dette fantastiske sted til. Hver gang jeg besøger det kommer jeg i tanker om endnu en person som ville elske det. Derfor synes jeg dette er (endnu) et godt sted at lave et lille tip om. Den seneste jeg tog med ud til Malibu Farm var min dejlige storebror Frederik som besøgte mig i forrige uge. Han synes også det var et skønt sted. Malibu farm ligger på “the Malibu pier” – altså på en af de mange berømte piers som ligger langs kysten. Det var faktisk Mia som viste mig stedet. Jeg var aldrig selv gået derind. Ikke fordi det ikke ser dejligt ud (for det gør det) men fordi at de fleste restauranter som ligger på pier’s normalt er turistfælder og hverken særligt lækre eller særligt prisvenlige. Det er jo desværre ofte “prisen” man må betale for at spise tæt ved vandet, med mindre man ved lige præcis hvor man skal gå hen. MEN dette sted er ikke reglen men undtagelsen (til den som lige forstod min “he is just not that into you” reference, du er for sej!). Malibu Farm er drevet af en yndig dame, hun hedder Helene og er til at finde rundt omkring på stedet. Malibu Farm er drevet kun af lokale penge og kræfter og kvaliteten af maden er helt i top. Man kan læse sig til hvor alt du putter i munden er fra og det i sig selv, synes jeg er rimelig fantastisk. Folk surfer på begge sider af pieren og du kan høre bølgerne slå ind mod træ pælene under dig mens du spiser. Denne lille lokale perle fanger den stemning Californien er så kendt for og er helt sikkert et besøg (eller 2) værd.

english: There are many people in my life I would love to show this amazing place to. Every time I visit it, I always think of someone new to take and yet another person I know who would love it. That’s why this place is (also) worth making a little tip about. The latest person I brought to Malibu Farm was my awesome older brother Frederik who visited me a couple of weeks ago. He was quite smitten too. Malibu farm is located at the Malibu pier. It was actually Mia who showed me the place. I had never entered it myself. Not because it doesn’t look lovely (because it does) but because most restaurants located on piers are turist traps that are both not very delicious (food vise) or very price friendly. But that unfortunately is often the price you must pay to eat close to water, unless you know exactly where to go. But this place is not the rule but the exception (to whoever got the “he is just not that into you” reference in there, I salute you). Malibu Farm is run by a lovely lady named Helene who you will see around the place. It’s run by local hands and money and you can read where everything you eat is from. Which I think is pretty spectacular. People are surfing on both sides of the pier and you can hear the waves underneath you as they run through the wooden structure of the pier. This little local treasure really captures that famous “california vibe” that everybody comes here to experience. It’s definitely worth a visit (or two).



Café Olive
805 Santa Clara Place
San Diego, CA 92109

Man siger at morgenmaden er det vigtigeste måltid vi spiser i løbet af dagen. Min far har altid sagt, spis som en konge til morgenmad, en prinsesse til frokost og en bonde til aftensmad. Så en anbefaling til et lille morgenmad’s sted er vist på sin plads. Mia har boet i San Diego for et par år siden så hun havde så meget at vise mig at en enkelt dag ikke var nok! Café Olive er et lille lokalt spisested på en stille gade i Mission Beach. Jeg har sjældent oplevet et mindre turistede sted i Californien (hvor det føles som alle steder har stået i en turist guide). Maden, og de mennesker som spiste den var så autentiske og stemningen var i sandhed en stille morgen summen. Vi sad udenfor, på plastik stole og nød duften af hav mens vi så utallige surfere gå til og fra stranden. De stoppede ofte lige op og gik inde på Café Olive for at købe en lemonade eller en muffin to go. Maden var simpel, amerikansk og mættede godt. Perfekt forberedelse til en dag på Mission Beach (som forresten opleves). God fornøjelse!

english: It has been said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. My dad always says, eat like a king in the morning, a princess in the afternoon and a farmer at night. So a little breakfast recommendation is appropriate for the blog don’t ya think? Mia has lived in San Diego a couple of years ago and she had so much to show me that one day simply wasn’t enough! Café Olive is a small, very local eatery located on a small, quite street in Mission Beach. It’s rare to find such a non touristy place in California (where everything seems to have been in some kind of turist book). The food, and the people eating it are so authentic and the vibe is just a perfect, quite morning hum. We sat outside on plastic chairs just enjoying the smell of ocean. Countless surfers were commuting to and from the beach and many of them stopped for a lemonade or a muffin to go. The food was simple, american and had a solid lay in the stomach. Perfect start for a day at Mission Beach (a place you absolutely must see btw). Enjoy!




Carrera Cafe
8251 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles

Ciao Bella(s)! Endnu et lille tip herfra the city of angels – mange flere på vej! Der er så mange ting at se og lave, så mange steder at spise. Jeg vil så gerne dele det hele med jer! Lad os starte med en af tidens største instagram favoritter. Ryan Gosling kaffen, den her du nok set rundt omkring på nettet. Den er lige her i L.A. Det her er Carrera Café, beliggende på Melrose Avenue – denne café er det nye it sted. Stemningen er tjekket og placeringen er sublim. Et super sted at stoppe for at få en kaffe eller en lille snack mens du shopper rundt i Melrose / Fairfax området. Ryan Gosling kaffen er kun ét af de mange motiver du kan vælge. Du kan få en I heart L.A, den grædende Kim K eller en Ciao Bella – you name it! God fornøjelse!

english: Ciao Bella(s)! Yet another travel tip from the city of angels – don’t worry, many more to come. There are so many things to do, so much to see and so many places to eat. I want to share them all with you! Let’s start out with a recent Instagram favorite, shall we? The Ryan Gosling coffee? YES it’s right here in L.A. Step into the Carrera Café on Melrose avenue. Clean lines, funny décor and great coffee, is what they are good at here. The vibe is easy and the location is sublime. A great place to stop in for a coffee or a snack while you are shopping in the Melrose / Fairfax area. The Ryan Gosling motive is just one out of many you can choose from. You can get the I heart L.A, the crying Kim K, the Ciao Bella – you name it, they’ve got it! Enjoy!



The Melrose trading post
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Nogen ting kommer før andre. Indrøm det nu bare, når man vender tilbage til et sted man har været mange gange er der en lille routine. Nogen ting man lige skal fordi ellers er det som om man ikke helt er tilbage endnu. Når jeg lander i L.A skal jeg altid have en glazed donut (gerne så hurtigt så muligt), besøge Griffith Observatory, se Santa Monica pier and aflægge visit på Melrose tranding post. Jeg tror mange som besøger L.A ved mange fine ting om byen men knap så mange kender til Melrose tradig post. Så jeg føler det er min pligt at oplyse jer om denne skat. Hver søndag, i regn eller solskind, bliver parkeringpladsen foran Fairfax highschool indtaget af utallige telte. Placeringen er genial, lige mellem Melrose og Fairfax avenue. Der er ikke et sejere sted du kunne befinde dig på en søndag. Smykker, musik, vintage tøj, møbler, mad – hvad end dit L.A hjerte begærer. Dette er hvor du finder det. Du kan også være heldig at spotte et par celebrities, de flakker ofte rundt her på en søndag! Det er også et genialt sted at shoppe vintage denim, aflagt militær tøj og über cool band t-shirts, du ved de helt originale. Det er en stor skattejagt med god udsigt til fangst hver gang. God fornøjelse!

english: First thing first. There’s always a few things that you just need to do when visiting a place you love. A routine if you will. When I return to L.A I always want a glazed donut (ASAP this one), visit Griffith Observatory, see the Santa Monica pier and go to the Melrose tranding post. Otherwise I simply don’t feel like I am really here yet. It has come to my attention that while many of you know many things about L.A, you don’t all know what the Melrose Trading post is. So I feel it is my duty to enlighten you. Every sunday, rain or shine, a huge flea market takes over the Fairfax high school parking lot. Located in between Fairfax and Melrose avenue it is the coolest place to be on a sunday. Jewelry, vintage clothing, furniture, food, music – everything L.A cool you can think of is probably there. Also if you are lucky, celebrity spotting is not uncommon at the market. It’s also a genius place to shop vintage denim, old military clothing (the real kind) and über cool band t-shirts. It’s one big treasure hunt! Enjoy!


Restaurant Ojala
Calle de San Andrés, 1, 28004 Madrid
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Jeg er nødt til at state med at sige at jeg indeed har brudt en regel ved at ligge dette post op. Jeg bruger aldrig, aldrig, ALDRIG iPhone billeder på min blog – og det er ikke ment som et diss til folk der gør det men på min platform er det et no go. Men her er grunden til jeg gjorde en undtagelse og hvorfor, at det her blogpost er vigtigt! På vores sidste aften i Madrid havde vi besluttet at vores middag skulle være work free – det skal de altså nogengange være. Men oh hvad gør man når det sidste sted man spiser er det bedste?! Vi stødte på den her lille restaurant på hjørnet af et eller andet spansk og noget andet spansk da vi var på vej hen til et bao sted jeg havde læst om på nettet. Sebastian stoppede op og sagde “Se hvor lækkert det der sted ser ud!” jeg blev selvfølgelig øjeblikkelig fornærmet, slog med nakken og sagde “jamen hvis du ikke gider spise bao så skal du da bare sige det.” (meget typisk mig) – så min søde mand sagde så at vi jo selvfølgelig skal spise bao så vi gik videre. Bao stedet var så lukket om mandagen fordi en hvis rødhåret person ikke havde gjort hendes research godt nok. Sebastian lyste op og sagde “ejj kan vi så godt spise der hvor det så så dejligt ud?!” Hvad skulle jeg sige? Nej? Så vi gik til bare og god dammit han havde ret, det så virkelig lækkert ud. Det smagte fantastisk, det var virkelig venligt prissat og stedet havde en vidunderlig atmosphere. Menuen var en blanding af spanish, mexicansk og amerikansk. Stedet var fyldt til renden hele tiden og af god grund. Vi fik 3 forretter, 3 hovedretter, en kande lemonade og 2 flasker vand for 40 euros. Jeg følte mig næsten en smule ked af det, velvidende at jeg ikke kunne spise der on the regular. Men hvis du er i Madrid anbefaler jeg virkelig denne fine restaurant, det var super skønt, insta venligt og pakkede med lokale. God fornøjelse!

english: First thing first, I have broken a rule with this post. I never ever post pictures on my blog that are taken with an iPhone – and that is not meant as an insult to those who do that on their blogs BUT for my platform it is a no go. But here is why I made the exception and why, therefore, this blogpost is important! On our last night in Madrid we went out to dinner and we decided it would be work free – sometimes it needs to be, right? But oh what do you do when the last place you eat is the best?! We stumbled upon this little restaurant on the corner of something and something as we were headed to a Bao place that I had read about online. Sebastian stopped and said, “wow that looks so nice!”, I instantly got offended saying “well if you don’t want the Bao you can just say so!” (typical me response) – so sweet as my man is, we went on to the Bao place that was of course closed on Mondays because I hadn’t done my research properly. Sigh. Sebastian almost glowed as he said “can we eat at that place with the plants outside then?!”. What was I gonna say? No? So we went back and god dammit he was right, it did look amazing. It also tasted amazing, was greatly priced and just had the most fantastic atmosphere. The menu was a mixture of everything good. There was some Spanish dishes, some Mexican dishes and some good old American burgers.  The place was completely stuffed and for good reason. We had 3 starters to share, 3 main courses, a chug of lemonade and 2 bottles of water for only 40 euros. I almost felt sorry for myself that I couldn’t eat there on the regular – it was just wonderful. If you are in Madrid I can only recommend this place, it was a truely authentic, super insta friendly and packed with locals! Enjoy!