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Shirt / Men’s Calvin Klein, Biker shorts / Spanx, Bag / Hermès (Kelly), Shoes / Zara (old), Sunglasses / Celiné

Jewelry /
Signet ring / Bodil Binner (see more here), Gold ring with pearl (own design), Silver leafs ring / Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen (shop here), Earrings / Jane Kønig (shop here)

Location: Los Angeles, California
Photo by Birgitte Wiborg
Photos taken with iPhone X

It’s funny how bikershorts have suddenly become a thing. But I wanna say thanks to whoever wore them out as an outfit first – because I am in LOVE with them. I grew up around professional biking, my older brother was on the national team and used to bike all around the world so this “uniform” is not foreign to me. I just never thought about wearing them out with a dress shirt and a pair of heels but I really mean it when I say – It’s my new favorite outfit. I have found that SPANX makes amazing “biker shorts” – they are actually just high waisted, tummy tightening panties but I like to use them as shorts. They are so high waisted, it gives me life! 

Also the day I wore this outfit I drove by this big marble looking building in WeHo and just yelled “WE HAVE TO STOP HERE” so loud that Birgitte almost jumped out the car in fear. But seriously – who could have dreamed of a whole building in look a like marble?! My god the world is once again perfect. Arhg.. that might be a stretch but LA keeps being amazing!

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