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Shop the 3 key products from this look
Hairspray (shop here), Mousse (shop here), Dry shampoo (shop here)

Som i måske har set på min instastory i forbindelse med Københavns modeuge var jeg så heldig at være backstage sammen med Sebastian Professional under Designers Remix showet. Her var der fokus på moderne 80’er hår med lækker sideskildning og uperfekte spidser. Looket blev skabt med en blanding af forskellige typer krøller for et mere “permanentet” look som man ofte havde i 80’erne. Key produkterne i looket bestod af hairspray, en god bouncy mousse og massere af dry shampoo. Dry shampoo er blandt andet også det som giver de “tørre spidser” som er en stor del af looket. Jeg var så heldig at få lov til at stille Sebastian Professional’s global artist, Nina Larsen, et par spørgsmål om looket og hende selv – dem kan i læse nedenfor på engelsk. Så kan alle være med. Rigtig god fornøjelse.

english: As you may have noticed on my instastory, I was so lucky, that during Copenhagen Fashionweek, I got to be backstage at the Designers Remix show with Sebastian Professional. Here, the 80’s had arrived. Chic midtparts and imperfect ends were key to this modern 80’s take on a curly hairstyle. The hair had different types of curls to resemble the look of a perm from the 80’s. Key products to create this look included hairspray, a bouncy mousse and dry shampoo. The dry shampoo, especially, is what creates the dryness and illusion of the “split ends” which is a big part of the look. I was so lucky that I got to ask Sebastian Professionals global artist, Nina Larsen, some questions about the look and herself. Read below. Enjoy!


How do you, as the key stylist, come up with new looks all the time?

As key stylist it’s very important to keep track of the new tendencies. You are either lucky to be able to create and develop looks yourself or you are not. Creativity is a gift. For me to be creative, it’s important for me to have the space and time to reflect. I get this during my many travels where I take the time to reflect but also to gather new inspiration. It’s also important for me to be surrounded by creative minds and create together.

What is your best hair trick?
A bun can be hard to style because we want it to look natural and organic. What’s important is the product you use during your blowdry. Add a bit of the Sebastian Texture Maker into damp hair and blow-dry with your head down to create that “fluff” in the hair. The Texture Maker creates a texture that makes the hair much easier to style. If you want a high bun, put your head between your legs and make a high ponytail. Use your hands. Then you twist the ponytail around it’s center. A good tip is to make it tighter than you want it at first, that way you know it’s secure. When the bun is finished you are ready to style it in the front and loosen it in the back. Finish your look with Sebastians Drynamic dryshampoo for that messy finish.

What are you personal favorite products from Sebastian Professional? 

My favorites right now are Sebastian Dark Oil and Sharper Fierce. Dark Oil smells amazing and can be used before blow dry but also in dry hair to add some shine. Dark Oil gives a nice soft feel to the hair while it nurtures and add’s shine. The Sebastian Sharper Fierce is a hairspray with strong hold. I love that it’s so dry in it’s consistency yet the hair still feels light.

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Lovechild 1979 SS18 show during Copenhagen fashionweek
Photo by Mikkel Tjellesen

Jeg var så heldig at være med til mange skønne shows under den københavnske modeuge, men det var kun få som virkelig skilte sig ud. Kun få man havde lyst til at dykke ned i. Kun få man virkelig husker. Lovechild holdt deres show på en helt fantastisk location, et sted jeg ikke før havde været. Modellerne nærmest svævede over os da de kom ned af trapperne. Hele showet var en visuel godbid, alt fra location til håret og makeuppen – Lovechild havde virkelig fat i den røde tråd. L’oréal Paris’ fantastiske key makeup artist Sine Ginsborg er personen bag dette fine gyldne look og jeg har været så heldig at få fat i en lille fin Q & A med både hende og Anne-Dorthe Larsen som er kreativ direktør bag Lovechild 1979. Læs med nedenfor. God fornøjelse!

english: I was so lucky to attend many wonderful shows during Copenhagen Fashionweek, but somehow it’s only few that stand out. Only few you want to know more about. Only few you love. Lovechild hosted their show at an absolutely breathtaking location. The models almost floated as they walked the stairs above us. The whole show was a visual treat, everything from the location to the hair and makeup – Lovechild really connected the dots. L’oréal Paris’ genius key makeup artist Sine Ginsborg created this warm golden makeup look for the show and I was lucky enough to get a quick Q & A with both her and Anne-Dorthe Larsen who is creative director behind Lovechild 1979. Enjoy!

Q & A

ADL: “ I wanted to keep the SS18 collection playful and quirky, but with a grown up sensibility as well. The collection suits the Scandi-cool woman on the go, who after a day of multitasking, bike-riding from one meeting to another and making her voice heard, just wants to go out for a drink with her girl squad. The styles have an urban quality to them but the fabrics are lush tweeds and luxurious silks, quaint prints and pretty woven flowers. It is eclectic without being farfetched in its references.”

SG: “I feel in love with all the colors – and the striped pants! The collection is so abundantly rich with texture and details, I wanted to keep the makeup subtle yet impactful. So you have the strong, a nicely hightlighted T-zone, a taupe shading of the eyelids and defined lashes. The leitmotif became the Fanta-colored nail polish that we both love. It was applied to the nails on both hands and feet. This made for a nice, feminine touch to the sporty sandals and a feisty splash of color against all the various prints.”

DIY tips?

ADL: “Make the pieces work for you! I always design with the intention that you should be able to mix and match all the styles. They should suit your mood and body type not the designer’s mind. You can accentuate the waist with the drawstring dresses or keep a more lose, romantic silhouette. You can wear the pants under your dress or a hoodie beneath the tailored jackets. Comfort and functionality are key as is the longevity of the pieces. The styles should always function as color pops in your wardrobe for many years to come.”

SG: “Tone down the highlights. Limit them to being subtle features on your cheekbones and cupid bow. Keep a strong brow. You want to get your hands on the Brow Artist Plumber – I use it every day and it works wonders on unruly as well as barely-there brows.”

From daywear to evening attire?

ADL: “Add a pair of heels and ease up on the layering”

SG: “Add lipstick! I’d go for the Color Riche in Perfect Red

Interview by Sine Gerstenberg

X M 

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Designers remix show SS18

Location: Copenhagen
Photos taken with Canon 5D 

I torsdags havde jeg fornøjelsen af at være backstage sammen med Sebastian Professional til Designers remix showet og det var en sand fornøjelse. Den hektiske stemning backstage er helt særlig. Makeup pensler ryger igennem rummet, hårtørrerne svinger fra side til side – nogengange så hurtigt man slet ikke når at se hvad der sker. Et spray her, et pust der og lige pludselige er de ude af døren igen. Modellerne rockede en kort 60’er fringe med massere bevægelse i spidserne og sejt pandehår. Bløde krøller blandet med fransk skødesløshed, det var smukt, simpelt og klædte både modellerne og kollektionen. Sebastian professional teamet brugte produkter fra deres nye “Twisted line-up” styling linje med alge ekstrakt som giver en helt særlig fleksibilitet og “bounce” til håret. Det var intet mindre end super inspirerende at se så stort og internationalt et team skabe så stærkt et look. I kan læse mere om Sebastian Professionals nye linje her. God fornøjelse.

english: Thursday I had the pleasure of joining the international Sebastian professional team backstage at the Designers Remix show and it was such a pleasure. The hectic vibe backstage is something truly special. Makeup brushes flying through the air, hairdryers swinging from side to side – sometimes so fast you don’t even have a chance to realize what is happening around you. A spray here, a spray there and suddenly they are out the door again. The models rocked a short 60’s fringe with tons of movemens in the ends and super cool bangs. Soft curls mixed with the casualness of a french girl, it was beautiful, simple and complimented both the girls and the collection. The Sebastian Professional team used products from their new “Twisted line-up” styling series with red seaweed extract which gives a certain flexibility and bounce to the hair. It was noting less than inspiring to watch such a big and international team form a look like this. You can read more about Sebastian Professionals new line here. Enjoy!


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Shirt & Pants / Anne Vest ss18 collection, Bag & Shoes / Chanel, Earring / Asos (shop here)

Location: Copenhagen
Streetstyle photos by Szymon /

Første dag under den københavnske modeuge var en dejlig stille en. Kun et par enkelte shows, lidt events og ellers bare hygge med alle de søde mennesker. Et af de shows jeg havde glædet mig aller mest til denne sæson var Anne Vest som blev afholdt i tirsdags. Jeg var så svine heldig at blive klædt i intet mindre end det fine SS18 tøj som gik på catwalken og jeg nød hvert et minut af det. Denne fantastiske oversize skjorte er jeg helt på rumpen over, den sidder fantastisk, faldet smukt både foran og bagpå og så er jeg jo en ægte sucker for kæmpe store ærmer. Win! I dag står den på intet mindre end endnu flere shows samt en super fed backstage opgave som jeg glæder mig til at dele med jer her på bloggen snarrest! God torsdag!

english: First day of Copenhagen fashionweek was a nice and easy going one. Only a few shows, some events and a little chit and a lot of chat. One of the shows that I was looking forward to the most this season was Anne Vest. I was so lucky to be dressed in nothing less than the SS18 collection that walked the runway right in front of my eyes and I enjoyed every minute of it. This fantastic oversize shirt is made of dreams. It has a perfect fit, falls beautifully both in the front and in the back and you know I love me some huge sleeves. Win! Today there are more shoes and a super cool backstage job that I can’t wait to share with you! Happy Thursday!


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Copenhagen Fashionweek

Så er det den tid igen, heldigvis! Jeg elsker fashionweek! Dem alle sammen, det er så sjovt og det er vildt hyggeligt at se hinanden i branchen. Nu går Københavns modeuge endelig igang og jeg synes jeg ville dele hvad jeg altid har med mig i min taske. Er den ikke bare alt for fin btw? Den nye Proenza Schouler taske? Ih den måtte gerne være min! Husk forresten at hvis du er i København kan du også deltage i en række events under modeugen, se eventuelt mere her. God fornøjelse!

english: It’s that time again, yay! I love fashionweek! All of them, it’s so much fun and so nice to see everybody in the business. Copenhagen fashionweek has officially started so I thought I would share what I always bring with me in my bag. Isn’t it nice btw? The new Proenza Schouler bag? Aw I want it to be mine! If you are in Copenhagen you can also participate in some events during the week, you should check out which here. Enjoy!

1. GUM, it’s a must. You eat sooo much weird stuff at all these events so gum is necessary. Think of all the people you speak with during the day, ouch.
Gum / Stimorol 

2. Eyedrops, yes eyedrops. It might seem a bit odd I suppose but I have found them to be extremely helpful during these super long days. Nothing worse than looking like a tired slob in your streetstyle photos.
Single pack eyedrops / Zaditen

3. I always carry some transparent powder with me in my bag. My favorite is this one from Marc Jacobs – it can quickly mattify my face but also save me in situations where my hair might look a little “worn all day greasy” if you know what I mean. Plus this compact has a mirror so you can check your teeth and lipstick during the day!
Transparent powder / Marc Jacobs beauty (shop here)

4. Charge on the run, your poor phone is going to run dry during fashionweek so pack up some juice for it!
Powerbank / unknown

5. A quick brow fix is a musthave for me on the go, I wouldn’t go anywhere without it. This one from L’oréal Paris is my favorite, it’s easy to use, has nice packaging and is a great size for any bag.
Brow artist plumper / L’oréal Paris (shop here)

6. I just got a new phone, so obviously I need to have a cute cover. You can’t attend Fashionweek without your phone looking flawless!
iPhone 7+ cover / Dolce & Gabbana (shop here)

7. I am one of those people who has a tendency to feel sick if I become too hungry so I always carry a snackbar (or two) with me when I am on the run.
Raw bar / Linuspro nutrition (shop here)

8. Sunglasses is a must, the look cool and can give your eyes a bit of a rest while the models walk the runway. You have to nap when you can girl.
Sunglasses / Céline (shop here)

9. Lip balm is a lifesaver, it is as important to me as my keys. This one from Kiehls has a little bit of a tint to it which looks super cute in pictures.
Tinted lip balm / Kiehls (shop here)

10. The bag, probably the most important – the streetstyle photographers don’t really care what you have inside as long as the bag is awesome!
Bag / Proenza Schouler (shop here

Happy Fashionweek!


MASHA MA at Paris Fashionweek
Hair and makeup by L’oréal Paris

Location: Paris
Photo by Herteleer Studio

Jeg er besat med blå lige for tiden, er også besat med farverige eyeliners og seje lokker. Arbejder på lige nu at lave et look som kan matche Masha Ma’s vilde verden, det er ikke så nemt som man tror. Altså hvor jeg beundre de seje makeup dare devils. De udstråler så meget sej energi! Håret og makeuppen ved Masha Ma’s show i Paris var prop fyldt med inspiration, det var bare at åbne øjnene og suge til sig! Der var alt lige fra stærkt farvede eyelinere til bløde bærfarvede læber og bare ansigter. Elskede også hvordan de brugte meget model agtige piger (du ved hvad jeg mener) men også ret utraditionelle piger som havde piercinger og farvet hår. Jeg har samlet lidt produkter lige nedenunder alt det her bla bla bla så du kan blive inspireret endnu mere til dette farverige univers. God fornøjelse!

english: Current obsession, blue – also current obsession colored eyeliner and cool locks. I am currently working on developing a super cool look inspired by Masha Ma, but to be honest, it’s not that easy. Ahh how I admire the makeup dare devils. So much cool energy flowing from those vibrant colors! The Masha Ma hair and makeup was super inspiring during Paris Fashionweek, so much edge. From the bold eyeliners to pouty berry lips and bare faces. Also loved how they both used very model looking models (you know?) to more unconventional girls with piercings, colored hair and a fierce appearances. I have gathered a series of products below all this bla bla bla for you to get inspired to try more bold colors yourself! Enjoy!   

Product inspiration
Colorista spray in blue (shop here), Infallible eyeliner in turquoise thri (shop here), Color riche in rose (shop here), Cushion foundation in porcelain (shop here), Highlight liquid illuminator (shop here), Volume million lashes fatale (shop here

Runway photos
Satellite journal (see more looks here)

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Blazer / Gucci (shop here), Pussy bow shirt / Ole Yde (shop in store), Pants / Cacharel, Bag / Marni, Shoes / Pollini (shop here)

Luggage: Delsey / Belfort series (shop different colors here)

Location: Paris
Photo by Laura /
Photos taken with Canon 5D 

Ikke mere nu, det er slut og vi er færdige med hinanden. En gammel, træt dame slæber sin mås hjem efter at have slået op med hendes udmattende kæreste, det er mig lige nu. Sådan har jeg det altid lige når modeugerne slutter og alligevel er jeg mere end villig til at gøre det hele igen, om lige godt 5 måneder. Det er det samme, hvert år. Modeuge er et sus, det går lige i maven på mig. Man føler sig så travl og lige pludselig føler man sig vigtig for sin industri og alligevel er man bare den mindste fisk i den store mode dam. Flere rejser lurer forude og jeg glæder mig, de bliver nemlig lidt mere sommer sol og knap så meget storby. Jeg trænger til varme! Tak til alle mine fantastiske samarbejdspartnere som gør det muligt for mig at rejse verden rundt på den her måde og kæmpe tak til verdens bedste Laura, modeuge ville ikke være det samme uden dig. God weekend alle sammen!

english: No more, I am over and we are through! One cranky old lady dragging home her butt after breaking up with her tiring boyfriend. That’s me. That’s always how I feel after fashion week ends and yet I gladly go back about 5 months later. It’s such a rush, you feel so busy – you almost feel important to the industry and yet you are such a small fish in the big fashion sea. More travels await but I am so happy they are going to be filled with sun and sea, no more city adventures. I need some sun! Thanks to all the great brands that makes it possible for me to travel the world like this, and thanks to Laura, my forever fashion week partner in crime, it wouldn’t be the same without you! Happy weekend everyone!

X M 

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Giambattista Valli beauty AW17 show
Location: Paris
Photo by Vogue US
Makeup by L’oréal Paris

Et af mine absolut favorit shows under modeugen i Paris var Giambattista Valli. Kollektionen var smuk, lokationen var ikonisk, håret var edgy og makeuppen var iøjenfaldende. Jeg var, før showet, backstage hvor jeg så hvordan den blodige læbe kom til verden. Jeg var vild med hvordan der blev brugt en lidt koldere rød læbestift med blå undertoner og ikke den klassiske, franske røde. Det passede helt perfekt til kollektionen og var særligt flot på brunetterne der gik showet. Huden var holdt dewy, klassisk og smuk, med buskede bryn og let bukkede øjenvipper. Stående bifald herfra!

english: One of my absolute favorite shows in Paris this season was Giambattista Valli. The collection was beautiful, the location was iconic, the hair was edgy and the makeup, eye catching. I was, before the show, backstage where I saw the bloody lip come to life. I love how they used a slightly colder red with blue undertones for the look instead of the classic french red. It complimented the collection just perfect and was especially beautiful on the brunettes that walked the show. The skin was kept dewy, classic and beautiful with bushy brows and lightly bended eyelashes. Applause from here! 

X M 

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Location: Paris
Photos taken with Instax mini 90

At fotografere synes jeg er noget af det vigtigste i verden. Billeder er på en måde forevigt og selvom det måske nogengange kan virke som om øjeblikket ikke er “nødvendigt” at foreviggøre så er det det højst sandsynligt alligevel. Jeg synes det er meget fascinerede at se billeder fra min bedstemors barndom eller portrætter af min far da han var barn. Det giver tilværelsen lidt mere mening på en måde. I dag kan man jo selvfølgelig fotografere hele tiden, ved hjælp af sin telefon. Men for mig er det noget helt særligt at fotografere med et “rigtigt” kamera. Et poloroid kamera. Jeg har mit poloroid kamera med mig over alt når jeg er ude og rejse. Jeg elsker at foreviggøre en tur på den her måde, ligge billederne i en lille kasse og kigge på dem når det regner i København.

english: To photograph is in my opinion one of the most important things in the world. Photos are a way to make your presence last forever. And even though, sometimes in the situation, it doesn’t seem like it is a moment worth forever making. I guarantee it is. I find it beyond fascinating looking at pictures from my grandmothers childhood or seeing a portrait of my dad as a child. It really gives the presence a deeper meaning. In the prescent day of course, photographing is super easy. You just pull out your phone. But there is just something special about photographing with a “real” camera. A poloroid camera. I bring mine with me absolutely everywhere I go when I am traveling. I love to make a trip forever this way, put the poloroid photos in a little box and look at them when it’s a grey day in Copenhagen.


Blazer / Gucci (shop here), Pussy bow shirt / Ole Yde (shop in store), Pants / Cacharel, Bag / Marni, Shoes / Pollini (shop here)

Jewelry / Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen
shop shooting star earpiece here
shop star ear studs here 

shop snake ring here

Location: Paris
Photo by Laura /
Photos taken with Canon 5D 

Endnu en ting vi nåede tirsdag formiddag da regnen endelig holdt op, kaffe. Og endnu et stykke tøj som måtte hænge helt alene på hotel værelset mens vi var ude og trodse det grimme vejr. Min nye Gucci blazer. Jeg så denne blazer sidste sæson i Gucci’s showroom i Milano og var ved at falde på halen over den. Jeg tror jeg var henne og kigge på den 5 gange på den halve time vi var der. Havde helt ondt i maven da vi gik derfra. Da Laura og jeg så var i Milano denne gang var vi (selvfølgelig) inde i deres flagship butik og der hang den. Oh nej! Laura sagde at jeg absolut måtte prøve den for hvis nu den sad dårligt så kunne jeg i det mindste få den ud af hovedet. Det gjorde den så bare slet ikke. Den sad selvfølgelig som en drøm og jeg måtte købe den. Det er det største køb jeg nogensinde har gjort og jeg er meget stolt af den. Hollywood forever!

english: Another thing we just had time for on Tuesday when the rain stopped, coffee. And to shoot yet another piece of clothing that had to stay in the hotelroom while Laura and I were out fighting off the weather. My new Gucci blazer. I saw this blazer last season at the Gucci showroom in Milan and was just instantly smitten. I think I went over to touch it at least 5 times in the half hour we were there. I swear my stomach hurt when I left. So when Laura and I were in Milan this time we went to the Gucci flagship store (a must visit) just for inspiration  And there it was. Oh no! Laura told me that I absolutely had to try it on because if it didn’t fit me right I could get it off my mind. A perfect point. But of course it fit me like a glove and I had to get it. It’s the biggest purchase I have ever done and I am very proud of it. Hollywood forever!


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