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1. Knit / By Malene Birger (shop here), 2. T-shirt / Urban Outfitters (shop here), 3. Silk skirt / Georgia Alice (shop here), 4. Diamond tennis necklace / The last line (shop here), 5. Sneakers / Adidas Yung-1 (launch 1. nov shop here), 6. Bag / Supreme (shop here), 7. Perfume / Hermés (shop here), 8. O!Mega Gel-eyeshadow / Marc Jacobs beauty (shop here)


Oktober has already almost come to an end – and I still need to share my “I wanna wear”. SO – here we go. A little less colorful option from me this month, but also kinda my everyday uniform. I am in love with these midi silk skirts combined with a t-shirt and some kind of knit thrown over the shoulder. It’s pretty much my go to outfit next to denim shorts and white tee’s. I wonder when I’ll be too old for that outfit but we’ll see. Also, how awesome is this Supreme/North face bag?! It’s already sold out (surprise) and I am desperate for it. It’s a combo of leather and nylon and oversized – I am dying!

The Yung-1’s are amazing, I already have the white ones but these would make a nice add on to my sneaker collection. They are released on november first, don’t forget to be on your toes if you want a pair! I’m still obsessed with the new O!MEGA gel-eyeshadows from Marc Jacobs, in case you didn’t see my story on IG where I tested all the new colors, I can tell you that they are absolutely worth a try at Sephora! This dark sparkly one is perfect for all the upcoming parties in the winter time.

The string of goodness you see at the top of the collage is my newest favorite jewelry brand “The Last Line” – LA based jewelry company who specializes in beautiful creations in all the colors of the rainbow. My personal favorite (AND BIGGEST CHRISTMAS WISH) is this tennis necklace. I can’t stop looking at it, it’s so amazing. Happy shopping people!



1/ (shop here), 2/ (shop here), 3/ (shop here), 4/ (shop here), 5/ (shop here), 6/ (shop here), 7/ (shop here), 8/ (shop here), 9/ (shop here), 10/ (shop here)


Julen er tid til forkælelse, ikke forkølelse men forkælelse. Om det er forkælelse til dig selv eller til nogen du holder af så er denne måned, perfekt til netop dette. Jeg har samlet en lille bunke godter til jer derude som endnu ikke ved hvad i skal købe til damerne i jeres liv. Det er en blanding af ting jeg selv ønsker mig (hint hint blå Vetements støvler, please!) og ting som jeg ville give mine veninder, min mor eller andre seje kvinder i mit liv. Jeg synes at bogen “I fought the law” er en über cool gave at give en som elsker USA og en cashmere sovemaske eller en lækker pyjamas kan man sgu aldrig gå helt galt i byen med. Husk at indpakningen er næsten lige så vigtig som det der er inden i! God fornøjelse og happy shopping!

english: Christmas is the time to spoil and be spoiled. Whether you are spoiling yourself or someone you love, December is a perfect time to do it! I have collected a little gathering of awesome things for you out there who still doesn’t know what to give the lovely ladies in your life. It’s a mixture of things I am wishing for myself (wink wink blue Vetements boots, please!) and things I would gift my girlfriends, my mom or other awesome ladies in my life. I especially think that the book “I fought the law” is a super cool gift to someone who loves the US and a cashmere sleeping mask or a silk PJ is something everyone loves! Remember that the wrapping is almost as important as the gift inside. Enjoy and happy shopping!



1. shop here, 2. shop here, 3. shop here, 4. shop here, 5. shop here, 6. shop here, 7. shop here, 8. shop here, 9. shop here, 10. shop here

Det er en farlig tid der er over os lige nu, særligt en farlig tid at have ferie på, altså at have ekstra tid til at lave ingenting. Jeg tror mange mennesker bruger deres “lave ingenting tid” til at browse på alverdens hjemmesider. Og når det nu er juli, kan vi jo alle komme til at ryge i udsalgs fælden og jeg siger jer, lige nu er udsalget virkelig godt! Der er SÅ meget jeg gerne vil have. Har nærmest været nødt til at ligge min pung i karantæne med kyskhedsbælte på. Vi er nødt til at være finansielt fornuftige, ikke? Anyway, som en del af min måde at udlede min summer sale obsession på får i altså her mine favoritter / det jeg ville købe hvis jeg var født med en guldske i måsen. God fornøjelse.

english: A dangerous time is upon us, especially if one is on vacation and therefor have time to do nothing. I think many people use their “do nothing time” browsing various sites online. And now, it’s July – the time where everyone can get caught in the sale trap and my gosh, there is so much great stuff on sale right now! There is so much I want to bring home. My wallet has been locked away and put in it’s very own, tiny tiny, chastity belt. We have to be financially responsible, right? Anyway as a part of me getting over the fact I can’t buy everything I want here I am, sharing my favorites with you / the things I would buy if I was born with a gold spoon up my behind. Enjoy!


In collaboration with Zalando
1. (shop here), 2. (shop here), 3. (shop here), 4. (shop here), 5. (shop here), 6. (shop here), 7. (shop here), 8. (shop here), 9. (shop here), 10. (shop here), 11. (shop here), 12. (shop here)

Oh juleshopping til sig selv er en farlig (men nødvendig) ting i december. Når man sådan er ude og lede efter ting til alle andre er det svært ikke selv at falde over et par ting, eller to man godt selv kunne tænke sig. Jeg vil ikke lyve, min ønskeliste er riiigtig lang og særligt min liste på Zalando. Jeg lyver ikke, der er over 200 items på den – tænk at man kan købe sit skab lykkeligt, er det ikke dejligt? Jeg gad godt jeg kunne dele hele min ønskeliste med jer, gøre den offentlig på en måde så vi kunne snakke om den. Diskutere den. Nogengange tror jeg Sebastian er en anelse træt af at blive hevet hen foran skærmen på grund af endnu et par støvler. I forstår nok lidt bedre – så derfor har jeg lavet min egen ønskeliste til jul lige her på bloggen så alle kan få en bid af kagen. Mon nogen af dem lander under mit juletræ? Pretty please!

english: Oh Christmas shopping for one self is a dangerous (but necessary) event during December. When one is out on the quest of looking for presents for the loved ones it’s hard not to find a little (or alottle) for one self also. I won’t lie, my wishlist is loooong and especially my list from Zalando. All bullish*t aside, it’s more than 200 items – just imagine, a happy and wonderful closet one could have! I want to share it with you though, is there someway to make it public? Just so we could talk about it, discuss it even. I have a feeling Sebastian is getting kinda tired of getting called to the computer to see yet another pair of boots. I guess you guys understand a little better – so therefore I have made my own little wishlist here on the blog. Just for you. Maybe some of it will land under the Christmas tree? Pretty please?


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Location: Milan
Photo by Laura /

Shop the look
1. (here), 2. (here), 3. (here), 4. (here), 5. (here),

Vejret i Milano har været top siden i onsdags. Det er vidunderligt lige at få lov at vise de sidste bare skuldre inden det er strik og dunjakke sæson, selvom det nu også bliver hyggeligt. Mit Milano look er inspireret af den skandinaviske minimalisme og den italienske selvsikkerhed – jeg er VILD med hvordan kvinderne går klædt hernede. Så selvsikre og lækre – ALLE har høje sko på, unge som gamle, går i nederdele og smukke bluser – jeg har dog valgt at holde dette look low-key (på en rigtig dansk måde) ved at have flade sko på i stedet. De forskellige items kan shoppes via de forskellige links ovenfor, sandalerne er fra Hermès.

english: The weather in Milan has been just amazing since Wednesday. It’s wonderful to show a little leg before it’s all knit and jackets, even though that’s going to be quite nice too. My Milan look is inspired by the scandinavian minimalism mixed with a bit of the italien confidence. I LOVE how the women dress down here. So confident and sensual – EVERYONE wears heels, young and old, they wear skirts and beautiful blouses. I myself have chosen to keep this look a bit more low-key (the real danish way) by adding a pair of flats. The items in the photo can be shops via the links, the sandals are from Hermès.   

X M 

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Location: Milan
Sportmax press office

En af de bedste ting ved at komme til modeuge er overraskende ikke altid “kun” at komme til shows. Mange gange er det også at besøge mærkernes fantastiske showrooms hvor man kan få lov til at se og røre det smukke tøj som har været en tur nede af catwalken. Sportmax showet var farverigt, våget og overdynget med smukke detaljer! Det var en helt særlig oplevelse at være inde at se og derefter helt særligt at være inde og kigge på på det hos Maxmara’s hovedkontor i hjertet af Milano. Mine favoritter fra kollektionen var helt sikkert kjolerne med de omvendte flæser og jakken på sidste billede. Selvfølgelig havde de også nogle fantastiske sko. Sportmax er ofte super stærke på deres accessories og dette var ingen undtagelse. De bliver bedre og bedre for hver gang, jeg er kæmpe fan. Det kan dog være svært i Danmark at finde (og få råd til) Sportmax så det er heldigt at de også laver en lidt yngre (og lidt billigere) underlinje, nemlig Sportmax code som kan købes online hos Jeg har nederst i posten lavet nogle links til mine 5 favoritter som er shoppe venlige for jer lige nu. Enjoy!

english: One of the best things about fashionweek is not only the shows but also visiting the brands spectacular showrooms. Here we get a chance to touch the clothes, feel the quality and really get a feeling of the collection in a way that you don’t get at a show where the models are gone before you know it. The Sportmax show was colorful, daring and beautiful – it was such a pleasure being at the show, taking it all in and then to go to the Maxmara headquarter in Milan to have a closer look. My favorites from the collection was definitely the dresses with the upside down ruffles, the coat in the last photo and their shoes. Sportmax always has a very strong accessories profile that I admire, always so beautiful and different. They just get better and better, I am a fan! In Denmark it can however be quite difficult (and expensive) to buy Sportmax so luckily they also have a slightly younger looking second line Sportmax code that is available online at I have just below all this writing linked to 5 of my favorites that is available for you to shop now. Enjoy!  


My 5 Sportmax code favorites
1. (here), 2. (here), 3. (here), 4. (here), 5. (here)

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Location: Stockholm

Shop the look
1.  (here), 2. (here), 3. (similar here), 4. (here), 5. (here), 6. (here), 7 (here)

Stockholm fashionweek, dag 2. Vejret var blevet lidt bedre end dagen før men det var stadig ikke super varmt, hvornår er det overhovedet det i Skandinavien? Min originale plan var nemlig at have sættet på uden rullekrave, men jeg kunne ikke holde varmen og egentlig synes jeg også at det blev ret fint med. Lauras fine Kaibosh solbriller i perlemor var lige prikken over i’et til dette ferske look. Forresten er de her Bally sko som jeg har på, en ny favorit, elsker det store sørøver spænde og så er de ualmindeligt behagelige at have på. Win win! I kan shoppe hver ting direkte via links’ne ovenfor. Happy shopping!

english: Stockholm fashionweek, day 2. The weather had improved but it still wasn’t that warm, but when is it ever in Scandinavia? My original plan was to wear this knitted set without the turtleneck but I was cold and actually I think it turned out quite cute with the white touch. Laura’s awesome pearl Kaibosh sunglasses tied the outfit together and these cream Bally shoes are just YUM! BTW also my new obsession. I am in love with the pirate inspired buckle and they fit like a glove. Win win! You can shop the whole look directly through the links above! Happy shopping!


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Location: Copenhagen
Photo by Szymon /

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1. (here), 2. (here), 3. (here), 4. (here), 5. (here), 6. (here)

Copenhagen Fashionweek dag 2 så sådan her ud. Jeg fik endelig taget mine nye Balenciaga støvler, som jeg gav mig selv i fødselsdagsgave, ud og gå. Det er sjovt fordi egentlig er biker tendensen slet ikke noget for mig, jeg bryder mig ikke så meget om sorte læder jakker og slet ikke biker støvler men da jeg så disse måtte jeg eje dem, altså jeg MÅTTE. Det var et spørgsmål om liv eller død, sådan føltes det ihvertfald. Udover det, så var det noget koldere end jeg havde forventet (som i ved) så derfor var mit outfit på anden dagen også en anelse improviseret. Super irriterende når man har brugt 3 uger på at planlægge hvad man skal have på men oh well. Denne fantastiske frakke er fra Weekend Max Mara og bliver en kæmpe efterårs favorit i mit skab, den er klassisk og smuk – havde måske bare ikke lige regnet med at have den på i august.

english: Copenhagen Fashionweek day 2 looked like this. I finally got to take my new Balenciaga babies (that I got for myself on my birthday) for a walk. It’s funny because the whole biker trend is really not my scene, I don’t really like a black biker jacket and definitely not a pair of biker boots, but when I saw these I just had to have them. As in HAD to. It was a matter of life and death, or at least that’s what it felt like. Besides that, as you know it was way colder than what one would expect in August (even for Denmark) so I had to improvise on day two as well. Pretty big bummer when taken into consideration that I spend almost three weeks deciding what to wear, but oh well. This amazing coat is from Weekend Max Mara and it is going to be one of my absolute favorites for fall, I can just feel it. It’s classic, it’s beautiful – but I must admit I wasn’t expecting to wear it in August. 

X M 

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Suede espadrilles / Proenza Schouler (shop here), Gold sandals / Michael Kors at Sarenza (shop similar here), Suede sandals / Proenza Schouler (shop here), Yellow open espadrilles / Zalando Iconics (shop here), Python sandals / Adax (shop here)

Selvom det danske vejr ikke lige frem skriger sommer de her dage skal det ikke forhindre mig i at lave en blogpost til jer om mine absolut favorit sko her i sommer månederne. Ruskind og jordfarver har domineret min sko garderobe meget siden foråret, det kom sig af at jeg besluttede mig for at nu var det altså blevet lidt for nemt kun at gå i hvide sneakers. Let’s face it – hvide sneakers går til alt og det er ærlig talt lidt ensformigt, i hvertfald for mig. Så disse 5 par har været mine go-to sko siden maj og jeg elsker dem alle, de bringer hver især noget særligt til et outfit og jeg føler min garderobe har fået mere liv efter jeg aktivt er begyndt at tage mere stilling til mit fodtøj. De kan alle shoppes via link’sne oven for – jeg ved at de 2 par Proenza er på udsalg!

english: Eventhough the danish weather is not being very summery these days it doesn’t stop me from sharing my favorite summer footwear with you guys. Suede and earthy tones has dominated my shoe wardrobe since spring where I made the decision of not wearing white sneaks so much anymore. Let’s face it, it’s almost too easy and I wear them ALL the time – so I am trying something new. So here are my 5 go-to shoes at the moment, I absolutely love all of them and how they bring a different look to every outfit. You can shop them all via the links – I know the Proenza’s are on sale, just saying!  

X M 

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Croco sneakers / Adidas (shop here), White leather leggings / Samsøe & Samsøe (shop here), Body oil / Estelle & Thild (shop here)

Foråret er lige om hjørnet, faktisk er det her måske allerede – man ved sgu aldrig med det danske vejr. Anyway – i takt med det er blevet varmere og lysere er jeg begyndt at hælde mere og mere til en ret utraditionel farve nemlig off white eller knækket hvid – cremefarvet som min bedstemor kalder den. Som i ved elsker jeg hvid, særligt hvid hvid, det er den smukkeste farve i verden så for at udvidde min horrisont lidt er jeg begyndt at gå mere og mere i denne smukke farve som passer til alt mit beige og brune som jeg går rigtig meget med om sommeren. Stay tuned for mere af denne farve i mine kommende outfits!

english: Spring is just around the corner, perhaps it is already here – you never know with the danish weather. Anyway – as it has been getting warmer and lighter, I have begun to explore a rather unconventional color, off white or cream as my grandmother calls it. As you know, I love white, especially white white, it is the most beautiful color in the world. So therefore I wanted to expand my horizon little so I started to wear this beautiful color and it fits all my beige and brown that I always wear in the summer. Stay tuned for more of this color in my upcoming outfits!

X M 

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