Top / Gina Tricot, Jeans / Weekday, Sneakers / Adidas Yung-1, Backpack / Chanel

Location: Los Angeles, California
Photo by Birgitte Wiborg
Photos taken with iPhone 8

So we found them, the famous trashcans. Word has it that they move around, and I said to Birgitte – “while you are here we should really see if we can find those Gucci trash cans”. About two hours later we take a short cut, trying to cut the traffic by going behind the bigger roads and suddenly B says (totally calm btw), “isn’t that them?” and she points into an alley and there they were, the gucci trashcans. I of course almost crashed the car in pure excitement but we survived. Thank god, otherwise how could we have photographed them?! That is the question. I guess everything happens for a reason.

I have gotten a ton of questions about these jeans on instagram, because I wear them all the time on my story and it seems you guys want to know where they are from. Well the denim it self is from Weekday, so the original pant was from Weekday. They make the best jeans honestly, I don’t care how many super expensive jean brands there are, Weekday rules. The quality is unbeatable. I have then cut off the top of the pants (the button too) and slit the jeans by the knees and I tore open the bottom. Then I washed them 5 times and now they look like this. I absolutely love them and live in them several days a week.


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