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1. Sportsbra / Nike (shop here), 2. Camera / Polaroid (shop here), 3. Sweatpants / Yeezy (shop here), 4. Sunglasses / Celiné (shop here), 5. Earring / The last line (shop here), 6. Blazer / Gucci (shop here), 7. Bag / Fantabody (shop here), 8. Bodysuit / Live the process (shop here), 9. Liquid toner / Dr. Jart (shop here), 10. Mules / Cult Gaia (shop here)

Starting the year off a bit casual and a fit formal. I love mixing a blazer with sweatpants. It’s actually one of my favorite things to do and also what my closet consists most of these days, blazers and sweatpants. Why not throw them together. I even love pairing them up with sneakers (surprise), but then I stumbled upon these AMAZING Cult Gaia shoes in clear, I am in love. just look at the heel! So artistic. Also very reasonably priced and I predict them to be quite popular this spring.

I don’t think its any surprise that I would wear it with a sports bra and a fanny pack. I love this one from Fantabody, their logo it super cool and not something you see everyday. BTW don’t you just love this onesie thing I found?! I think people use it for ballet but I would wear it just with heels, kinda like a catsuit – it’s perfection. Again, just throw on the blazer, it goes with everything.

Anyway – hope your January is going well, I will be sharing some Arizona tips with you shortly! Happy shopping beautiful people!



I am wearing:
Blazer / Maje (shop here), Bag / Gucci

Find Nobis Hotel Copenhagen here

December came and went, I thought about writing some “what to get your this and that for Christmas” but honestly I didn’t really feel like it and hey, it’s after all my blog so I can do as I please. It’s kinda awesome. In the past I have been more active on my blog than I have on Instagram and for a while it was very 50/50. Now I find myself liking Instagram more as a platform because it’s so direct and I can really connect with you guys. I get messages in my DM daily about things you love that I do, or stuff you miss which is awesome feedback. That doesn’t mean I won’t be blogging, because I also love my blog and love sharing picture filled stories and write a little more than just the one caption. So don’t worry neither is going anywhere. I am of course writing “don’t worry” as I have gotten several messages on IG about my absence here on the blog in December. But you know what? Sometimes I just need a break, and often when I’m on a blogging break just means I am working on something else and that’s fun too!

It’s now 2019, Christmas was nice, New Years was nice and here we are again, it’s January. Probably the weirdest month of the year. I love new years resolutions tho, also love sharing them so I will, once I get back to LA. Right now I am sitting in a big bed in a beautiful hotel room at the Nobis Hotel in the heart of Coco. Feels like home even though it’s the first time I stay here. I’ll share my hotel experience with you in one of my TIP posts, cause it’s worth writing about. Anyway – I am off to a couple of meetings now and then tomorrow I will be on a plane home to LA. Can’t wait.


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I recently receive a leather backpack and a leather bag from the Danish brand Bastian. It’s an old Danish brand, that recently started an online store, from where their products can be purchased online.

The brand produces leather bags and wallets in various designs and styles. They has a broad lineup of ladies leather bags. They got all kind of bags from classic black ladies bags to cool leather bumbags. About 80% of the products is handmade, so each product is unique and the look and feel of the bags is wonderful. I really like the classic Danish design style, that Bastian represent.

I received the raw looking leather backpack. Its great when you need to bring a lot of stuff around.

Do you want to check out the website click here








Suede jacket and skirt / Monki (shop here and here), Shirt / Samsøe & Samsøe (similar here), Sunglasses / Jeepers Peepers at (shop here), Bag / Sara Battaglia at (shop here), Boots / Toga Pulla (shop here)

Photo by Laura /
Photos taken at the Lollapalooza festival in Berlin

 Der er et eller andet helt særligt i at bære noget fra (næsten) top til tå i samme farve som dit hår, man føler sig helt i sit rette element. Da jeg var lille synes jeg ruskind var det underligste i verden, det føltes mærkeligt og alle var altid så opkørte omkring det fordi det jo absolut ingenting kan tåle, og da jeg var en rigtig “græs på knæene” type pige synes jeg at ruskind var irriterende og absolut unødvendigt! Nu må jeg ærligt indrømme jeg er blevet noget gladere for det og jeg har det i alverdens afskygninger og det samme gælder for ruskind som for frynser, det skal med på festival – dog ønskes der ikke spildt øl på det, så dør det.

english: there is something quite special about wearing something from (almost) top to toe in your exact hair color. It’s like being in your right element. When I was little, I thought suede was the weirdest thing in the world, it looked and felt weird and everybody was always making such a big fuss about it because it was oh so sensitive. Since I was a “grass on the knees” kinda gal I though suede was annoying and unnecessary. Today I must admit that it has grown on me and I have a lot of it in all kinds of items, and as for fringes the same goes for suede – it must go on a festival, even though no spilling bear all over it, it will die. 

Debat: Badesandalen


Stine Goya for H2O

Hvis en designer er cool nok, bliver det de røre ved automatisk også cool. Rigtig cool. For mig er sundheds sandalen ok, den kan styles og jeg kan godt se dens “coolness” Men det er ligesom om at ved H2O badesandalen står jeg af. Jeg kan på ingen måde se hvordan den flade, andefods agtige form på nogen måde skal være flatterende eller til gavn for den kvindlige silhuet. For mig bliver den ikke sej bare fordi at stine goya har bukket et stykke “guld” om snuden på den. Jeg kan igen kun snakke for mig selv og min personlige mening om stil – jeg synes bare nogengange at vi sluger for meget af det som bliver sat på tallerknen foran os. Det er som om at hvis det er in så mister man automatisk sin kritiske sans og tager det bare på. Der er ingen gode svar eller argumenter til spørgsmålet “hvorfor synes du at de er fede?” og “fordi de er in” eller “jamen andre har dem på” er ikke er acceptabelt svar i min verden.

Hvad synes du om badesandals trenden?? Hvad gør den SÅ lækker og hvorfor er den fed?? Eller synes du som mig at det lige er at presse citronen? 





 H&M CONSCIOUS EXCLUSIVE broderede lædersandaletter her

Jeg er den type person som ofte bliver forarvet over priser (med mindre det er designer tasker så er alt under 15000 total rimeligt) Jeg tænker ofte ved mig selv “det kan det bare ikke koste?!” Ja selvfølgelig skal designer ting være dyre, det er derfor det er cult og det er derfor folk køber det og ja der er forskel på både kvalitet og eksklusivitet. Men jeg må ærligt indrømme at jeg efterhånden bliver en anelse chokeret over H&M’s “eksklusive” kollektions priser, selvfølgelig er det mere eksklusivt (obviously pga navnet) og det er limited edition, men for mig er det stadig H&M. Jeg ved ikke om det bare er mig som er sippet eller at det er fordi jeg synes 1000 kr er mange penge, men er det den generelle meningen at det er helt ok at give 1000 kr for et par H&M sko som dem ovenfor? De er jo egentlig super flotte, og de er broderet ja – men.. det er H&M sko.

Hvad er jeres mening? Synes i det er hul i hovedet?, eller i det her tilfælde hul i pungen. Eller synes i det er fint at betale noget mere for H&M tøj fordi det er limited edition? Er kvaliteten overhovedet bedre? Jeg kan ikke rigtig finde ud af det. Hvad synes i?