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Hat / The Kooples, Crewneck and pants / Villao (shop here and here), Bags / Chanel (vintage), Sneakers / Adidas yung-1 (shop here)

Location: Los Angeles, California
Photos taken with iPhone 8

I have never before been in LA during January and February and I never thought I would say this, but it gets cold here too. WHY GOD WHY?! Okay when I say cold I mean like 15 degrees, it’s chilly – not cold. But seriously, where do I have to move for constant 30 degrees and eternal sunshine?! Might consider island life.

But this “cold” luckily opens up for some cozy outfits, and one of my favorite materials cashmere. Now cashmere can also be worn in the summer don’t forget – it keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It’s divine. This whole set is from Villao the rib pants actually also has a rib turtleneck that matches, you can find it here. I just chose to pair it with my crewneck because well, I live in it basically.

Wearing this set I had 4 different girls asking me where it was from, especially the pants, which is so nice – that’s one of the big reasons I love Americans so much. They just ask, “hey where are those from I love them!” or “Wauw you look amazing, where can I get that shirt?” – it’s such a nice, positive vibe to put out there, spreading the love!


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1. Sportsbra / Nike (shop here), 2. Camera / Polaroid (shop here), 3. Sweatpants / Yeezy (shop here), 4. Sunglasses / Celiné (shop here), 5. Earring / The last line (shop here), 6. Blazer / Gucci (shop here), 7. Bag / Fantabody (shop here), 8. Bodysuit / Live the process (shop here), 9. Liquid toner / Dr. Jart (shop here), 10. Mules / Cult Gaia (shop here)

Starting the year off a bit casual and a fit formal. I love mixing a blazer with sweatpants. It’s actually one of my favorite things to do and also what my closet consists most of these days, blazers and sweatpants. Why not throw them together. I even love pairing them up with sneakers (surprise), but then I stumbled upon these AMAZING Cult Gaia shoes in clear, I am in love. just look at the heel! So artistic. Also very reasonably priced and I predict them to be quite popular this spring.

I don’t think its any surprise that I would wear it with a sports bra and a fanny pack. I love this one from Fantabody, their logo it super cool and not something you see everyday. BTW don’t you just love this onesie thing I found?! I think people use it for ballet but I would wear it just with heels, kinda like a catsuit – it’s perfection. Again, just throw on the blazer, it goes with everything.

Anyway – hope your January is going well, I will be sharing some Arizona tips with you shortly! Happy shopping beautiful people!







Leather Jacket / Tommy Hilfiger, Rollerneck / Samsøe & Samsøe, Wool trousers / Nué Notes (shop here), Sunglasses / Rayban, Necklace / Lulu Badulla (shop here) Bag / Dior, Shoes / Topshop at Zalando.com

Photo by Laura / Coutureculten.dk

Da jeg sad og kiggede de billeder som Laura har taget af mig igennem gik det op for mig at i nok kommer til at tro at jeg kun har tone i tone outfits på lige for tiden – måske er det også rigtigt, nu når jeg tænker over det har jeg leget rigtig meget inden for de samme farveskalaer inden for den sidste tid. Mest fordi det føles rigtig godt men også fordi jeg har det med at shoppe meget én farve når jeg bliver glad for en, ligesom når man høre den ene man lige fandt sang igen og igen. Grøn sidste uge, blå denne uge, hvad mon den næste?

 english: When I was looking through the pictures that Laura took of me it dawned on me that you probably think that I only wear tone to tone outfits right now – perhaps it’s also true now that I think about it,  I have playing a lot in the same colors recently. Mostly because it feels really good but also because I tend to shop one color when I become attached to one, like when you hear the one song you just found over and over again. Green last week, blue this week, I wonder what next?