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Blazer of own design, T-shirt / Supreme x North face, Shorts / Lee (vintage), Loafers / Gucci (shop here)

Location: Beijing, China
Photo by Frederik Jernov 
Photos taken with Canon 5D mark 2

July is always the big travel month of the year. And that is even though it’s been unusually warm in Denmark these past few months. Wow even just writing that sentence was kind of strange, what’s up with this sunny wonderfulness Denmark?! Copenhagen has been just delightful since I returned from Bali, amazing. Anyway – july is the big travel month of the year for my country. Everybody is on summer vacation and it leaves my Copenhagen kind of quiet. That is of course except the high pressure tourist points like Nyhavn, Strøget and so on – but I try not to go there anyway. But residential wise, it’s kind of quiet here. 

As you probably know by now, one of my favorite things is my luggage. I am obsessed with luggage and I feel so blessed that my Delsey family lets me borrow different ones all the time! It’s like I get to go shopping every time before vacation! New new new. When I traveled to China I was so lucky that I got to travel with chic barbies suitcase – the Turenne in pink. It actually worked out perfectly because in my mind, this pink, is very asian and I was right. I have never seen so many pink suitcases as I have at arrivals in Beijing’s international airport. So I felt right at home as I dragged them outside of my hotel and out into a roundabout to shoot these photos. A tiny tip though – if you get yourself a pair of pink babies like these be smart and buy some of their luggage covers because this color is precious. Enjoy!


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Traveling far away can be scary, I always have a ton of things I google before going somewhere new! Like how clean is the drinking water, will I feel safe in the streets or will I need an adapter for my electronics? SO therefore I made a little guide to all of you traveling to China, with some of my observations that I made while I was in Beijing. Enjoy! 

1. You dont need an adapter – you’re welcome.

2. Download the app “express VPN” from home and remember to create an account while still in europe / US otherwise it doesn’t work. VPN is important for those who wants facebook, instagram and google to work on their phones. Google maps is a very helpful app to have at hand.

3. You CAN drink the water if it’s been boiled but it’s also really cheap to drink water from bottles. Actually beverages in general is pretty cheap!

4. Not many people speak english in China, so for your own sake download the translater app. It’s clever because you just write what you want on the screen and it comes out in Chinese and you can show them. They’re very helpful when they understand you.

5. If you wanna beat jetlag, sleep on the whole flight there. You will land in the morning and have the whole day ahead of you so if you dont sleep you’ll be tired beyond belief for what feels like days!

6. 3likeHome works in China! HALLEJUA! And well even!

7. Public transportation works REALLY well! The subway of Beijing is the cleanest I’ve ever seen, the long distance trains too and everything leaves and arrives on time. Works perfectly! Also it feels very safe, there is security everywhere and people are very calm and collected. I never felt unsafe, not even once.

8. Always remember that there is a Chinese price and a tourist price when you go to markets. Don’t be afraid to bargain, they expect it from you!

9. Remember to bring pollution friendly skincare products – I don’t care if you’re a guy or a girl, the smog level in the big cities is even worse than you can imagine and your skin will suffer!

10. Please be prepared that photos will be taken. I have never been photographed as much as in China – and I have a feeling it’s not just because I am a ginger. It seemed that if you’re not Chinese, you’re interesting.

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Dress / Envii (shop similar here), Bag / Balenciaga, Sneakers / Nike undefeated

Location: Beijing, China
Photo by Marcus Barthel Nielsen 
Photos taken with Instax wide 300

First pip from my trip to China – spring photos from the heavenly peace square in Beijing. We went there early, saw the elder practice Tai Chi, sing in choirs and do their morning gymnastics. Within the park there was the most amazing park of roses, it was filled with people and everybody was taking pictures of the beautiful flowers. I didn’t know about this part of the park so I felt pretty silly walking around in a dress covered in roses. The Chinese apparently thought it was nothing short of pure awesomeness, they took so many photos of me and I was asked to hold babies and dogs for photos in front of the bushes. People stood next to me for photos and some also just came up and stuck a camera in my face, click and then they went away again. Apparently it’d a good idea to check for flowers parks before rocking a full flower look. Who could have known?


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