Dress / Envii (shop similar here), Bag / Balenciaga, Sneakers / Nike undefeated

Location: Beijing, China
Photo by Marcus Barthel Nielsen 
Photos taken with Instax wide 300

First pip from my trip to China – spring photos from the heavenly peace square in Beijing. We went there early, saw the elder practice Tai Chi, sing in choirs and do their morning gymnastics. Within the park there was the most amazing park of roses, it was filled with people and everybody was taking pictures of the beautiful flowers. I didn’t know about this part of the park so I felt pretty silly walking around in a dress covered in roses. The Chinese apparently thought it was nothing short of pure awesomeness, they took so many photos of me and I was asked to hold babies and dogs for photos in front of the bushes. People stood next to me for photos and some also just came up and stuck a camera in my face, click and then they went away again. Apparently it’d a good idea to check for flowers parks before rocking a full flower look. Who could have known?


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