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Dress / Closed (shop closed here), Bag / Chloé (shop chloé bags here), Slippers / Mou (shop here)

Location: Antibes, France
Photo by Therese Riis 
Photos taken with Canon 80D + 35 mm lense

I am a pretty versatile girl. I can do the hoodie thing, the grunge thing, I can even do the “babe” thing but I am also exceptionally good at the “girl with the pearl earrings” thing. You know what kinda girl I’m talking about – the good girl. It’s a role I am very familiar with because I grew up looking up to my mother and my grandmother who are both very posh, put together ladies with great style (and pearl earrings). It’s been very fun for me to witness the different reactions I get with that I wear. If I wear streetwear, you know a hoodie, a little supreme and so on – people my own age look at me and nods with approval, asks me where my stuff is from or compliments my sneakers. People my parents age (and in this case especially women) will look at me with a bit of a disapproving and observant eye. If I wear something like this outfit, a good girl outfit, the reaction is quite different. A pretty dress, good classic accessories and of course the pearl earrings. Now when I wear something like this, people my own age don’t really pay much attention to me but the elder group of the population has nothing but approving nods and proud smiles to send in my direction. “Ah yet another succesful young adult.” It’s funny how certain generations just assume you are less succesful, less driven or less smart if you wear something they don’t like or approve of. I love wearing a dress like this and I love feeling girly and flowy – but I also love to wear baggy pants, sneakers and hoodies and quite honestly it makes me want to wear streetwear even more just because I want to show that what you wear has nothing to do with how succesful of an adult you are. Everybody at all ages should just relax with the judgement. We shouldn’t judge people on the hoodie or the dress that they wear! Everything is love, enjoy friends!


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