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It’s that season again my friends. Time to dig out those lip balms from your purses. It’s been such a wonderful summer in Copenhagen and I am sure we will have a beautiful (and hopefully wet) fall. Fall also means dry lips to most of us so I have taken on the mission of finding the absolute best lip balms out there and I have to tell you, the race is tight. We are so lucky, in this day and age, that there are ALOT of great products on the market. But then, which one is for you? Which consistency do you like and are you more of a longlaster or do you like to apply more often? I have chosen 5 great candidates in different price ranges and tested them out for you. Read below to find out more! Enjoy!

Balance me / Stellar balm
(shop here)

Let’s start off with a bit of a multi product. Balance me has this amazing “Stellar Balm” in their product line that can be used as a lip balm, a cuticle balm, to heal a mosquito bite or to even take care of a cold sore. The balm is very stiff and almost dry to start of with but becomes completely buttery when you start warming it up. I love using it as a lip balm when my lips have been exposed to cold weather or after a night on the town where your lips (and body) is heavily dehydrated. It’s also complete genius as your “winter balm” if you live in places where the weather gets below zero. The last plus I want to give this balm is that it’s more than affordable and you get a great product for the price!

Sensai / Lip treatment
(shop here)

On quite a different (financial) note, here is one of the heavy players. Sensai’s lip treatment is an absolutely amazing product. It can be used both as a everyday lip balm but also as an intense night treatment that goes on your lips but also around them. It’s quite an expensive product but it’s also a large lip product that will last you a long time. The consistency is silicone like, smooth and shiny and looks great during the day. The lip treatment is one of my all time favorites and is really a game changer within lip care. If you are a beauty nerd this product is definitely for you.

Petrolium jelly / Vaseline

Ahhh an oldie but goodie, or should I say goldie. In my world, nothing beats the good old fashioned petrolium jelly or vaseline as it’s also called. It’s sold practically everywhere, it’s cheap and often comes in all shapes and sizes. I believe it to be all healing. I apply it to my lips, to my hands, to my feet – even to my entire face if it’s having a REALLY dry day. It’s available at your local supermarket or your local pharmacy. You can never have too much vaseline in your bathroom cabinet. So basically this is just a survival tip and not so much a beauty tip. You can never have too much, I’m telling you!

Xellence / Lip conditioner
(shop here)

The lovely brand Xellence has made a really good lip balm also that is made from Shea butter, almond oil and bees wax (among other things). It has no perfume and has a wonderful long lasting wear. It’s creamy but firm and I love the packaging it comes in. I have used this balm mostly at the gym because it doesn’t run anywhere and it doesn’t feel heavy – plus it lasts the entire time I’m there so I don’t have to reapply. It’s a good middle price and very good for the money.

L:A Bruket / Lip balm
(shop here)

Swedish L:A Bruket has made a wonderful stick lip balm in beautiful crisp packaging (as they always do their products). It’s packed with good ingredients such as almond and coconut oil. It’s easy to fit in any purse and has a good price point. This product is for you who likes a light layer of balm on your lips and who also likes to apply multiple times through out your day. It’s quite affordable and a has a lot of product in just one stick.

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Location: Copenhagen
Photos taken with Canon 7D mark II

Det er lidt tid siden jeg har lavet mine 5 månedlige beauty favoritter men jeg har testet nogle super lækre produkter i sidste måned som jeg rigtig gerne vil dele med jer. Så her får i dem. Jeg har testet lidt til huden, lidt til fødderne og lidt til læberne! God fornøjelse.

english: It’s been awhile since I have presented my 5 beauty favorites of the month but I have tested some great products the last month that I really want to share with you. I have tested something for the skin, something for the feet and something for the lips. Enjoy!

1. Le Lip Liner / Lancôme
290 Sheer Raspberry’ (shop here), ‘114 Tangerine’ (shop here)

A good lip liner is like a drug to me. I have several and every time a new kind is launched I have to check it out. Lining the lips is very important to me. I love a precise lip! These lip liners from Lancôme have a beautiful matte finish and are very easy to apply. I love them already.

2. Hydra Genius Aloe Water / L’oréal Paris
(shop here)

Like you should drink a tall glass of water multiple times a day, your skin also needs a drink! This liquid is not only super hydrating but also calming for the skin. I love the way it feels and the smell. Works well for me both in the morning and before bed. Check out what I have written down below nr. 4 – there is more use for this liquid!

3. Foot Mask / Miqura
(shop here)

Stupid shoes and rough sandy beaches can really f*** up your feet during the upcoming season. I love to bring these softening socks with me on vacation every time. Healing and nourishing, these baby’s will work wonders in just 20 minutes. Be good to your feet, they have to carry you your whole life.

4. Day Cream / Magasin Du Nord
(shop here)

When I started testing this face cream I honestly didn’t expect much from it because of it’s price. But as I applied it on the back of my hand I really liked the texture so I went ahead and applied it to my face. I actually found, besides that it was a totally fine face cream, that it together with the L’oréal Aloe Water makes a genius makeup base if you have quite dry skin like me. My foundation went on so smooth and looked dewy and fresh for hours. I loved the result!

5. Liquid Lip Creme / Marc Jacobs beauty
’454 Truth Or Bare’ (shop here), ’452 Fawn over me’ (shop here)

Some of my favorite lipsticks in the world are created by Marc Jacobs, you will know this if you have followed me for a little while. So, you can imagine my face when I was told that they were launching liquid lip creams. I was SO excited and luckily I found, after testing them, that they are amazing! The pigmentation is beyond great and the wear is super long. Huge fan!


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Location: Copenhagen
Photos taken with Canon 7D mark II

Med et lidt mere hverdags fokus end normalt, præsentere jeg hermed denne måneds beauty favoritter. Lidt tidligere end jeg plejer men det er fordi bloggen er helt pakket i December så der var ikke plads og jeg synes ikke i skulle snydes! Hermed nogle af de ting jeg har testet og fiflet lidt med i løbet af måneden. Jeg håber i kan lide det! BTW hvor spændte er vi lige på at Sugarbearhair endelig er til at få i DK?? Find ud af hvor nedenfor! Dejlig uge fortsat venner!

english: With a slight more everyday focus than usual I here by present this months beauty favorites. A little bit earlier than usual but December on the blog is packed so there simply wasn’t room. Here are a some of the things I have been testing this month, I hope you like it! BTW how exciting is it that Sugarbearhair is finally available in DK? Find out where to get them below. Enjoy the rest of the week folks!

1. Magasin du Nord, Shower cream
I love having pretty things in my shower, don’t you? I love this packing, so scandi and cool – big thumbs up from me. The product is a mild scented shower cream thats perfect for everyday use. Doesn’t dry you out, smells wonderful and it has a great price. PLUS it took me forever to use a whole tube! Find it here.

2. Trines Wardrobe, Lip balm
A really nice, thick lip balm that just works in the winter. It really coats your lips and makes them look and feel protected. A great product based on argan oil for super soft lips. I love it for my flaky winter smackers. Shop the product series in Matas.

 3. Beaute Pacifique, Cleansing foam
Soft, gentle and no nonsens. Designed for all skintypes, this foam is great, easy to use and a nice way to clean the skin. I use it in the shower twice a week. Theres nothing fancy about it and you know what? I kinda love that. It does it’s job without being to harsh, it just cleanses. Find it here.

4. Kerastace, Ciment thermique (travel size)
Kerastace is a brand that I hold very dear. When I was a little girl, my mom took me to the hair dresser she always used Kerastace in my hair and the smell and the feel from the products was very special to me. All the products were standing there on the shelves in the salon in a beautiful color scheme, just smelling beautifully. To me it was a very dreamy world. So today when I apply Kerastace to my hair it brings me back and instantly makes me smile. They have so many great products and this Ciment thermique styling creme is just another one, comes in a box with two other travel sizes from the same series. Try it, you won’t regret it. Find it here.

5. Sugarbearhair, Hair vitamins
We all know this one am I right? They have such an awesome instagram packed with celebs and beautiful girls using their products. So they must work right? Well I am in the process of finding out, so far I absolutely love them but I will check in with you again mid januar. Hoping for some awesome results! Find them here (they ship to DK now, YAY!)


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Location: Copenhagen
Photos taken with Canon 7D mark II

I denne måned har jeg haft fokus på forskellige produkter som gør mig eller min hud glad. En lækker neglelak, musthave ansigts produkter, noget godt at dufte til og en smuk kosmetikpung. Jeg håber i vil nyde denne omgang beauty favoritter.

english: This month I focused on products that either make me or my skin happy. A nice nail polish, some musthave skin products, something nice to smell and a beautiful beauty bag. I hope you like this round of beauty favorites. 

1. Exuviance, Masque, Rejuvenating treatment masque
(shop at clinic)
I love Exuviance products, so well tested and it really “works”. They are though, a little tricky to get ones hands on as they are only available through a clinic. But it’s good because it’s very important to get the products that are exactly right for you. This gel mask is based on AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) which is very effective so it should only be used once a week. Do yourself a favor and book an appointment with an Exuviance clinic. Enjoy your new skin!

2. Rituals, Scented candle, Ritual of sakura
(shop here)
Not really something you put on your body, eat or put on your face. BUT pampering yourself (in any way) is also a way to feel beautiful and when you feel beautiful you become more beautiful. I love a good scented candle and this one from Rituals burns up to 50 hours.

3. L’oréal Paris, Nailpolish, 672 gris décadent
(shop here)
A good deep grey polish is sophisticated yet unexpected and is perfect for this time of year. I like how it’s almost the same color as the starry night.

4.  Kiehls, Concentrate, Midnight recovery
(shop here)
Very famous and for a reason! It’s all the way through a great product that every person should have in their bathroom cabinet for that once in a while when the skin just needs a pep talk!

5. Dea Kudibal, cosmetics bag
(shop here)
A beautiful beauty bag for all your beauty products. Whats not to love?

X M 
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Location: Copenhagen
Photos taken with Canon 7D mark II

Disse produkter er nogen jeg har brugt under modeugen, de har været lige ved hånden hele tiden og nu kan jeg slet ikke ligge dem fra mig. En god maske til belastet hud, en lækker børste til føntørring, en makeup børste til (næsten) det hele, den bedste styling creme og noget der dufter vidunderligt. Hvad skal man mere bruge? Find mine September favoritter nedenfor.

english: These products are some I have used during fashionweek and that I have grown to love. A good mask for congested skin, a great blow dry brush, a makeup brush for (almost) everything, the best styling creme and something that smells amazing. What more does one need? Check out my September favorites below.

1. Sebastian Professional, Invisible finishing crème
(shop here)
I love a good styling creme, I think it can really “make” a look. Shiny and weightless, anti frizz and easy to work with. I love to use this product when rocking a high ponytail or defined curls. Sebastian professional has launched this collection in collaboration with the iconic tattoo artist Maxime Büchi who is the man behind the beautiful packaging in the photo. Maxime Büchi has worked with iconic brands like Alexander McQueen and Rick Owens, according to Vogue he is one of the worlds most influential tattoo artists. I love when two different worlds meet like this, you both get the best Sebastian products and beautiful design by an amazing artist. Big high five from me!

2. Anastasia Beverlyhills, Brush #3
(shop here)
This little fella is my newest best friend, I use it for everything. First I was like, “this is too small to use for anything?” But now I use it for my eyeliner, eyeshadow in the crease and to clean up my brow liner with concealer. I absolutely love it.

3. Pañpuri, Hydration masque 
(shop here)
Hypo-allergenic, dermatologically tested and 100% pure plant actives with essential oils. It smells like a spa dream and the packaging is to die for. It’s fragrance free, basically pure good and it gives a healthy glow to the skin, perfect!

4. Shu Uemura, Round brush
(shop here)
I have started blowdrying my hair a lot which have given me the chance to explore different brushes. I love a good flat brush but it really gives a whole other look when I use a round brush. This one from Shu Uemura has a handy grip and is a good size. Sometimes the brushes become too big, like it wasn’t hard enough to blow dry ones own hair already?!

5. Estelle & Thild, Body lotion “fresh water lily”
(shop here)
On the days where I don’t feel like wearing parfume I always just put a little bit of this amazing bodylotion on my neck, behind my ears and on my wrists. It smells amazing and people always ask me what I am wearing. It’s just such a lovely scent.

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Location: Copenhagen
Photos taken with Canon 7D mark II

Bedre sent end aldrig, jeg er lidt sent på den med mine favoritter denne måned. Det er svært at få det hele til at hænge sammen når man har så mange ting fra modeugen man gerne vil dele. MEN her er de, mine beauty favoritter fra august måned. Jeg har ikke haft noget tema denne gang, jeg har testet lidt forskelligt og mere taget udgangspunkt i ting jeg bruger meget i hverdagen. Happy shopping mine fellow beauty elskere!

english: Better late than never right? I am a little late on my favorites this month. It’s hard to get everything online at once when you have so much from fashionweek you want to share with your readers. Everything should be timed perfectly, but it isn’t always. BUT here they are, my August favorites. I didn’t have a theme this month, I sort of just tested everything and anything and ended up wanting to share some of the things I use most in the everyday. Happy shopping my fellow beauty lovers!

1. Natura Siberica, Nourishing and repairing hand creme in Wild Thistle
(shop similar here, otherwise available at Copenhagen store)
The more products I try from this amazing brand, the more I fall in love with it. I have never tested a bad product from Natura Siberica, the greatness never ends. This amazing hand creme does not just have the pretties packaging but it also has the creamiest formula. It’s light but not too light and then the smell, oh my there’s nothing like it. Just try it, you won’t regret swiping your card.

2. Anastasia Beverly Hills, Brow wiz in Taupe
(shop here)
There is no doubt that Anastasia Beverly Hills is the queen of brows, you just have to find the right product for you. Fortunately ABH has it all. I have always been a pencil girl but have been experimenting with new shapes for my brows which also calls for new products. To create super precise lined brows I use this brow wiz pencil. It’s small and easy to work! I love it.

3. Davines, Love shampoo
(shop here)
I love when brands know how to combine pretty packaging and great content. Davines is the master here. I love their shampoo and conditioner and they have so many, for different types of hair. The love shampoo is for curly haired girls like me, it’s divine!

4. EOS, Lipbalm in Lemon drop with SPF
(shop here)
The little bubble of joy, the EOS lip balm. I have finally found my favorite, well besides Vanilla Beam but they only sell that at Christmas, the Lemon drop! SPF and in the cutest yellow.

5. Marc Jacobs beauty, Highlighter in Spotlight
(shop here)
I can’t deny it, highlighters make me happy. They do?! They are amazing. They are the little shiny things in life that make you happy because you can literally put it on your face. This speed stick highlighter is genius. I love the design, it makes it super easy to use and the color is just gorgeous!


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Location: Copenhagen
Photos taken with Canon 5D mark 3

For mig er sommer tiden hvor huden skal være så lækker som overhovedet muligt. Det er nemmere at pakke et par tørre stænger ind i December end det er i Juli så derfor har denne måneds produkter omhandlet hunden. Både krop og ansigt er blevet skrubbet, smurt ind og behandlet. Der er kommet disse 5 produkter ud af galskaben og jeg håber i vil blive lige så forelsket i dem som jeg selv er. Enjoy!

english: Summer is the time to have beautiful skin. It’s much easier to hide dry legs in December than it is in July, therefore I have been testing products that benefits the skin this month. Both face and body has been scrubbed, smeared and treated. What has come out of all this testing is these 5 products that I hope you will love just as much as I do. Enjoy!

1. Xellence, Harmony body oil
(shop here)
Not greasy, super soothing and smoothing body oil. I always get so nervous when trying a body oil because sometimes the brand who makes it just wants it to be so good that it just gets unwearable. Clothes and sheets usually get ruined but not with this one, this is great. It dried up super quick and I felt soft and pampered. Just like a good body oil is supposed to be!

2. Chanel, CC cream
(shop here)
I’ve never been into the whole BB / CC thing that really exploded worldwide a couple of year ago. So when getting this product in a goody bag I was so annoyed that it was a CC cream and not just a regular day or night cream because I don’t use CC cream. But as you know, Chanel is life, so I gave it a try. And now, my life is changed forever. What is this stuff? My complexion is much much better (without makeup) now than it was before. I’ve tried CC creams before and never saw any difference (which is why I don’t like them) but after only 3 weeks of testing this product I now look much better without makeup than I ever did. What a change. I am really in awe. Try it you won’t regret it!

3. Suki, Sensitive cleansing bar
(shop here)
Now a day everything comes in a tube and I will admit it’s more hygienic and way easier but there is something about a nice piece of soap. My mother always washed me and my brothers in bars of soap and to this day I still love how they feel. This one from Suki smells great and it sensitive on the skin. Win win + love!

4. Ilse Jacobsen, Sea buckthorn bodylotion
(shop here)
Buckthorn is one of my favorite scents in the world, it’s so fresh and unexpected and it reminds me of Scandinavia. Ilse Jacobsens bodylotion is not too thin and not too thick, doesn’t grease or become sticky and the buckthorn scent is just strong enough. I love to treat myself with this product, it’s devine.

5. Badeanstalten, Bathsalt
(shop here)
I am unfortunately not the owner of a bathtub, actually I don’t know if I would ever use it. BUT I love bathsalts, they’re just so luxurious. This one from Badeanstalten smells like lavender and peppermint, it’s pure perfection in a nice footbath!

X M 


Location: Copenhagen
Photos taken with Canon 5D mark 3

Juni er nu slut. Festivallerne er overstået. Jetlag fra Thailand er overstået og jeg kan nu begynde at komme ind i en lidt mere normal rytme igen indtil fashionweek starter om en halvanden måneds tid. Jeg tester rigtig meget beauty lige for tiden både så jeg kan lave de bedste kits til jer til rejsen, festivallen eller hvad end man skal men også så jeg kan lave de bedste favoritter til jer. Jeg fik ikke lavet beauty favoritter for maj måned fordi jeg havde for meget om ørene men her kommer juni, enjoy!

english: June is over. The festivals are over. The jetlag from Thailand is long gone and I can finally start to settle in to my normal rhythm again before the fashion week madness starts again in a month and a half. I am testing a lot of beauty these days both so I can do the best travel kits for you, festival kits or whatever you need but also so that I can make my monthly favorites for you. I didn’t do my favorites for May because I had too much to do but here they are from June, enjoy!

1. Anastasia Beverly Hills, Glow kit “Gleam”
(shop here)
Highlighter, highlighter and more highlighter – I can’t ever get enough. I am the kind of girl who will literally stand in line for the release of a new highlighter. It’s such an important part of being good at makeup and looking good in makeup. The glow kits from Anastasia Beverly Hills has quickly become quite famous and not without reason, they are truly amazing. Not only are they super pigmented but their formula is great, it lasts forever on your face and their color pallet is beautiful. A great (and addictive) buy!

2. Idun Minerals, Kabuki brush
(shop here)
I used to be big on the brushes, I had hundreds and would spend a fortune on them. But after a while we kinda drifted apart and I became aware of the beauty blender. But the brush and the blender are not the same now are they? Therefore I am back in the brush game and this one from Idun is perfect quality, no shed of hairs, great grip and just the right length. I absolutely love it and have used it every single day since I got my hands on it.

3. Foreo, Issa electric toothbrush
(shop here)
Never has a toothbrush been this aesthetically beautiful. I mean, just look at it – who can design something so pretty yet also so good? The answer is foreo, the geniuses who also invented the world changing face cleanser, which is also a favorite of mine. This toothbrush is my ultimate favorite in my bathroom right now and my teeth feel clean for hours. Super thumbs up from here.

4. Marc Jacobs beauty, Velvet noir mascara
(shop here)
My lashes are quite long and therefore hard to maintain, they need a big brush but they also need to be held apart, not something a lot of mascaras can do. I mush have tried a hundred, liked 5 and loved 2 – now I love 3. Marc Jacobs velvet noir mascara is great for length but also intensity, it’s not a weak mascara – it gives me volume which is what I look for but it doesn’t clump. Lot’s of love sent to Marc Jacobs for making a great mascara, there are not many out there.

5. Kerastase, L’Incroyable Blowdry
(shop here)
This baby has been on my favorites before but it just keeps surprising me so I wanted to give it another lap. I can’t even begin to explain how many ways this can be used. I use it for blowdry, for straightening, for curling, for styling and for – well anything you could think of. There is nothing this product can’t do. In wet hair and in dry hair, it’s just fantastic.

X M 

Facetune 2

April er ved at nå sin ende og jeg har endnu engang samlet nogle beauty favoritter til jer! Jeg har i denne måned været til en masse pressedage (også på beauty!) hvilket betyder jeg har fået lov at teste en masse spændende som i kommer til at læse mere om her på bloggen. I denne måned har jeg opdaget nogle nye mærker som Nasengold og Meraki som har været rigtig spændende at lege med MEN det kan i læse mere om nedenfor! God fornøjelse.

english: April has come to an end and I have once again gathered some of my beauty favorites. This month I have been to a lot of exciting press events (also focused on beauty!) which means I have gotten my hands on a lot of exciting news that I am testing right now, things you will be reading about here on the blog soon enough. This month I have discovered new brands like Nasengold and Meraki which has been a pleasure to play around with BUT more on that below. Enjoy!

1. Meraki, Nail file 
I have never had a really good nail file, it never really occurred to me that I needed one as I have been riding horses my whole life and therefore have had horrible nails. But since I stopped and realized that nails are actually a pretty nice thing to “keep pretty” I went on the hunt for a nice nail file. It has taken me a while to find it, I have tried the foamy ones, the glitter ones, the metal ones – oh all of them. Then I found this glass nail file from Meraki, it’s quite heavy but I really like that – it’s easy to work with, files very nicely and it’s so pretty (not that it should matter) but it does! AND then to the best part, it’s super cheep! Find it here along with many other cool products that I have yet to try.

2. Eylure, Brow comb tweezers
Known for their expertise in false eyelashes, Eylure also offers many other products, many which I love and use daily! I have tested both their lashes and also their eyebrow products (which I am crazy about!) but I will do a review on those another day. This Brow comb / tweezer / wonder, is both handy, a multifunctional tool and one of the best tweezers I have tried – it’s easy to handle with a firm grip on those little hairs. IF I had any brow hairs (yep I’m almost bold) I am sure that the comb is great too. You girls with actual eyebrows should try it and report back! Find it here.

3. Nasengold, #S
Uhh me and perfumes, we are not friends – like I said when I recommended the Hermés perfume a couple of months back “I am difficult when it comes to perfumes and I am not really a perfume girl.” But, yet again, it happened – I found a perfume that I actually like, the #S from Nasengold. I am not gonna lie, I had never heard of Nasengold before sniffing this sporty yet elegant flacon, but I liked the scent a lot so I did some research. Nasengold is a german brand (hint the name) that wishes to be very recognizable on their very signature scents. #S is a scent with a hint of pink pepper, ginger and cardamom – it’s fresh but not boring – it makes you interested of what is inside the bottle and like the Hermés perfume I wrote about it has it’s very own personality. Maybe that’s what I have been missing in all the other “cult perfumes” no personality. If you dare – find it here.

4. Olaplex, Hair Perfector
Olaplex hair perfector is actually step 3 in a salon treatment plan, it’s originally used as the product you “take home” after a rough visit to the salon. I have never colored my hair nor have I tried the salon treatment to strengthen your hair but I had step 3 (the hair perfector) recommended by a fellow blogger because my hair gets extremely dry and dull. My hair is quite fine and curly so it’s very open and vulnerable which makes it an easy target for bad hair days and sometimes many haircuts (never growing long and luscious). This super intense “after treatment product” can also be used as a intense conditioner and I have been very pleased with just doing this and not the whole treatment but maybe I oughta try it some day! Find the Olaplex step 3 here.

5. Kiehls, Ultimate strenght hand salve
Hand creme is for me associated with greasy hands and not being able to touch anything for 30 minutes which isn’t fun at all. So like many other products I have spend some time testing my way through a couple (okay a hundred) to find the one for me. This hand lotion from Kiehls is nice and thick so you actually feel it helps you but it absorbs super quick and you can use your hands without setting prints everywhere instantly after applying it to your hands. I have also used it on my feet and it works soft, dreamy wonders there as well so now I have to buy a new one! It’s the first time I have used a hand creme all the way up! Find it here.

X M 


Endnu en måned er gået og i får hermed (som sædvanlig) mine 5 beauty favoritter. Min hud har været ret meget under pres under modeugen og det har jeg nydt godt af denne måned, disse er produkterne som jeg har brugt til at komme lidt i balance igen. Enjoy!

english: Another month has passed and it’s time for another round of favorites. My skin has been under a lot of pressure during fashion week and that has shown this month so these are some of the products that I have used to calm everything down. Enjoy!

1. Antipodes, Manuka honey mask
I have always loved masks, it makes me feel good and I have a slight idea that the whole “leave for a while” does good for your skin. The brand Antipodes is organic and all the ingredients are from New Zealand, handpicked and well thought out – it leaves the skin soft and with a feeling of nurture. If I am really good to my skin, I will sleep with it on and wash it off in the morning. Find it here.

2. Vita Liberata, Night moisture mask
Being winter grey when you have red hair is in a league for it self, it can not compare to other colors of pale, it gets really bad. This night mask has saved my life, it makes me look good and therefore feel great when the sun isn’t shining. A must! Find it here.

3. Magasin, All in one cleansing wipes
A true savior! Lets just be honest, I am lazy, you are lazy – we are all lazy and these are therefore a good thing to have laying around. I use these most when I travel but also on the “rare” occasion I don’t feel like washing my face before bed time. They leave you feeling clean and fresh and they are super easy to pack up and take with you! Find them here.

4. Jurlique, Love balm
Great lip balms are hard to come by, there are too many on the market and it can be so confusing to find a good one. Jurlique makes these love balms that are basically good for anything, I use them on my lips, elbows – even in my belly button, it makes everything soft again! Find it here.

5. Estelle & Thild, Bio Active firming day cream
Eventhough I am only 22 years old, I like to be prepared – anti aging here I come, at least in some products. I am quite dry and sensitive so this organic super rich cream from Estelle & Thild has quickly become one of my favorites. Find it here.

X M 

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