JWFORCE – what is that now? I know some of you have seen it on my instagram, so I wanted to do a more elaborate post about what the hell JWforce is. The idea of JW came to us about one year ago, it was after a couple of months where B had been hitting the gym hard and I was, quite frankly, laying on my couch, eating spaghetti and watching friends. At the same time I was working from home so I didn’t get out very much, which, to be fair, always suits me fine but B had other plans for me. So she started sending me a text everyday saying “hey we’re going to the gym, I’m picking you up at 4”.

Naturally I resisted a great deal at first because I don’t like going to the gym and more relevant I don’t like working out – so why would I go. Also I was fine with the fact that my gym membership was more of a accessory in my wallet than an actual thing I did. BUT wanting to be a good friend (only for B), I started going. Not every time, but almost. Soon it became a routine and after a month I would automatically start to just put on my workout clothes around 3.45 and I would look forward to getting picked up at my front door at 4. The exercises became easier and no matter how much I complained to B she still picked me up after work so suddenly it wasn’t so bad. After a while we started experimenting with different workout techniques, eliminating what didn’t work and developing things that did. Then in April, we went to Bali and we became completely obsessed with healthy life style in general. Food, mindfullness, exercise – all of it. Suddenly it all made sense, how it wasn’t just about getting to the gym and punishing the body but how it was about love. Love for the body with what you put in it, on it and how you take care of it.

So we decided to start an instagram page dedicated to our new discoveries, called JW FORCE. The J is the first letter of my surname (Jernov) and the W is the first letter of Birgitte’s surname (Wiborg) and of course the FORCE is because we love star wars. No I’m totally kidding. It’s cause that’s what we call our community, the force. The page will be about our eating habits, the different exercises we have learned that works, about our favorite beauty and the travels we do and so on and so on. We’re so excited to share our little universe with you and hope to see many more of you join!


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