To all my dearest readers. This is such a weird post to write, where do I begin – how do I put this into words? It’s strange in a way doing what I do, it’s so much fun and I feel a huge privilege getting to run my own business and write, travel and photograph for a living. It’s amazing. But being an influencer is also a different type of full time job in that sense that you actually never have a day of. It’s 7 days a week, it’s all hours of the day (or so it feels) and when you travel you are never really on vacation. It’s hard to explain because it look so good doesn’t it? And I am so blessed that I always have something to do and a new project to catch, and because I find it all so exciting I forget to take time of. Time of is important to everyone, everybody needs a break every once in a while and quite honestly I haven’t been taking mine. It’s been 3 years of non stop business, travel and being “online” – so I have to decided to take a little time off. I need to take some time to rejuvenate, collect new thoughts and quite frankly, sleep alittle. So I thought what better time to do it then when I first arrive in LA. I have to find a place to live, I wanna catch the last rummer rays on the beach and then I’ll return well rested and with new fresh ideas.

Taking a digital detox break is pretty scary I have to admit. Will I loose followers during my absence? Will my readers forget about me? Will my nose fall off and the sky fall down? The truth is, nobody knows. I can’t reassure myself that you’ll all be here when I return but I hope you will, and I know I’ll return as a better (and more rested) me who is ready to deliver new and exciting things for you to be inspired by. Which is the over all goal, isn’t it? Well now I must say adieu, at least for a while and I will be back in roughly two weeks, with a fresh new mind. Until then, enjoy babes!


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