Yves Saint Laurent Beauty
Vinyl Lip Stain
401, 403, 406, 409, 411

When you get a new product that is swatchable, do you swatch too? I love to do swatches of different products. Besides it being great fun, it’s also very helpful when finding colors that suit your skintone. My newest lip obsession are these vinyl lip stains from YSL beauty. Their color range is spectacular and YSL does (once again) not disappoint with the brightness and variety. Shock pink, classic red or playful orange – the color palette is yours to have fun with. I am completely smitten with lip stains, it’s one of my favorite items to bring with me everywhere. Once you’ve found “your color” it’s such an irreplaceable product. Use it as a bold lip or a soft lip, use it as your blush, use it on your eyelids – suddenly a new world opens when multi products are born. The Vinyl lip stain is not your usual lip stain though, although it works as a great multi product it’s best feature is actually it’s ability to create a full vinyl lip look – and it does it well. Without smudging, running or being hard to apply this product delivers a second to non vinyl look with shine beyond comparison. Above I have showcased my favorites of the many many colors YSL offers. Enjoy babes!


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