Contour Like a Kardashian


Step 1: Moisturize your face so that your make up has a good base to lay on.


Step 2: Place dots or stripes to where the light hits your face (cheekbones, nose bridge, forehead and brow bones) Plus cover any imperfections you may have.


Step 3: Time for your dark contour color, place this so the lighter color will stand out more. I contour my nose also but if you have a narrow nose to start with you don’t have to.


Step 4: When I am done my face normally looks like this (pretty freaky I know) Now its time to blend, I use an ELF stippling brush, wet it before blending but don’t soak it.


Step 5: Blend away until you are satisfied with the result. If you wear foundation you can put some on your brush to blend with.


Step 6: With your powder highlighter or cream highlighter go over the places you highlighted with your light concealer.


Step 7: Do the same with your bronzer – go over all the places you placed your dark.


Last but not least – do your eye makeup (for me its just mascara) and put on your lippy routine!


Now I don’t do this everyday at all but I think its super fun to play with your face shape like this – plus its a killer trick if you just want to look amazeballs to a party!


Makeup list:

Elf HD lifting Concealer, similar here

Elf small stipple brush for blending here

Nilens jord powder brush here

W7 bronzer, any matte bronzer will do (save the shimmer for the cheeks)

Sporty girl pump up booster mascara (best mascara if you like a thick wand) here

Glo concealer, choose one that goes with your undertone and go way dark, don’t be afraid!

Mac lipstick in Creme de nude here

Mac highlighter in soft and gentle here





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