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 So many of us have a very little brown to work with, and yes I am one of them too. We are not all like Cara Delevingne, but maybe thats a good thing, because or else she wouldn’t be special at all. So I cheat my self to fuller brows and I want to show you how I do it so just follow the pics and I’ll lead the way.


me with no makeup, i know.. don’t laugh 


here are the products that I use for my brows, from the top:

very old NYX pallet, i use the taupe color, nr 2 from the left. I use a little brush from bobbi brown to fill my brows (we will get to that later) Mac eyebrow pencil in lingering and last but certainly not least is one of those comb thingys that are so useful!


1. I comb my eyebrows through, so they are easier to work with.


2. With my Mac pencil I “draw” the shape of the eyebrows (I wish I had) so that I have clear lines to follow.


3. Using the pencil from Mac I’m filling in the lines. 

Ribbet fdollage

4. After filling in the lines (as seen on the left picture) they don’t look very natural, therefore I use my comb thing to brush away any excess color, only leaving the shape I wanted. The creamy texture from the Mac pencil leaves me with a great base for the next step.


5. Taking the taupe(y) color from NYX I am now filling in the shape that I created with my Mac pencil, but only where its needed as I try to create as natural a look as possible. 


6. After filling, and brushing and maybe correcting a little with the pencil this is what they look like when they are done. Remember that eyebrows should never look like twins, only like sisters. Its something Michelle Phan once said in one of her brow videos, and I just loved it! 


Here I am, fully make(d) up – I was not blessed with beautiful brows from nature so if you are the same I hope that you liked this little tutorial! HUGS



(Jeg håber alle jer som læser dansk kunne følge med, synes bare det var lidt lettere at skrive det hele på engelsk, men hvis i gerne vil have en dansk version også, så sig bare til! KNUS)



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