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Sweatshirt / Frame at Zalando (shop here), Jeans / 2nd day, Shoes / no brand, Sunglasses / Céline, Tote / Goyard

Location: Silkeborg, Denmark
Photo by Mamma
Photos taken with Canon 5D mark 2

My god! How beautiful are these pieces of luggage?! Oh the luxury line, Chartelet, from Delsey is just so yummy! And now they’ve made a new and improved line called the Chartelet Air, a lighter version of the otherwise pretty heavy suitcase series. Leather details, 10 year warranty, hard case exterior and a super power zipper that makes other zippers look like sissy’s. These photos were shot this weekend in my home town of Silkeborg in Jutland. My dear mommy is pretty handy with a camera and helped me take these photos on an early morning. One of my favorite places in Silkeborg is our old iron bridge that goes over the water, a perfect location to shoot these amazing pieces of luggage that are also almost “iron” colored.

This time around, I will be flying off to Los Angeles again to spend the fall there just like I did last year. It’s becoming almost a tradition and something I love to do. Taking me there is of course WOW air and I can’t wait to once again be on one of those big pink airplanes headed towards my favorite pink LA sky. I fly from Copenhagen airport to Iceland tomorrow – and although I normally always prioritize to fly directly I absolutely LOVE the stop in Iceland. Have you ever been to Iceland? IF not, go for the candy (among other things ofc) – BUT the airport is full of it! I always use my 2 hour layover to stock up on my two favorite kinds of Icelandic candy – Pristur and Djúpur! I can’t really explain what it is, but you must try it! They sell them in huge bags and I always look like I freak walking on to the next plane with my arms full of candy but I can’t help it? It’s so amazing! Make sure to pay close attention to my IG stories tomorrow when I fly with WOW air! Can’t wait to be on my way to American once again. Enjoy!

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