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oktober 2018 | Maria Jernov
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oktober 2018


1. Knit / By Malene Birger (shop here), 2. T-shirt / Urban Outfitters (shop here), 3. Silk skirt / Georgia Alice (shop here), 4. Diamond tennis necklace / The last line (shop here), 5. Sneakers / Adidas Yung-1 (launch 1. nov shop here), 6. Bag / Supreme (shop here), 7. Perfume / Hermés (shop here), 8. O!Mega Gel-eyeshadow / Marc Jacobs beauty (shop here)


Oktober has already almost come to an end – and I still need to share my “I wanna wear”. SO – here we go. A little less colorful option from me this month, but also kinda my everyday uniform. I am in love with these midi silk skirts combined with a t-shirt and some kind of knit thrown over the shoulder. It’s pretty much my go to outfit next to denim shorts and white tee’s. I wonder when I’ll be too old for that outfit but we’ll see. Also, how awesome is this Supreme/North face bag?! It’s already sold out (surprise) and I am desperate for it. It’s a combo of leather and nylon and oversized – I am dying!

The Yung-1’s are amazing, I already have the white ones but these would make a nice add on to my sneaker collection. They are released on november first, don’t forget to be on your toes if you want a pair! I’m still obsessed with the new O!MEGA gel-eyeshadows from Marc Jacobs, in case you didn’t see my story on IG where I tested all the new colors, I can tell you that they are absolutely worth a try at Sephora! This dark sparkly one is perfect for all the upcoming parties in the winter time.

The string of goodness you see at the top of the collage is my newest favorite jewelry brand “The Last Line” – LA based jewelry company who specializes in beautiful creations in all the colors of the rainbow. My personal favorite (AND BIGGEST CHRISTMAS WISH) is this tennis necklace. I can’t stop looking at it, it’s so amazing. Happy shopping people!



Gracias Madre
8905 Melrose Ave, West Hollywood, CA 90069
Read more here

I am back with yet another tip from the city of angels. Maybe someday this blog will just turn into an LA blog – we never know. That’s a joke btw. BUT I wanted to share a tip for a restaurant with you. People who are familiar with LA and especially West Hollywood will probably know it. It’s called Gracias Madre and is a plant based Mexican restaurant that specializes in meat alternatives and brilliant cocktails. It’s the perfect place for a relaxed dinner, you can sit both outside in the courtyard but also inside in the beautifully decorated restaurant. If you appreciate a sense of style, this is definitely the place for you. I wasn’t super impressed with the presentation of the food itself but it was delicious and a good marble table always helps. The crowd was everything from super fancy hollywood’ers to big family enjoying a good meal. It’s reasonably priced and a really cosy place to hang out. Remember to make a reservation – it’s pretty crowded.



Shirt / Men’s Calvin Klein, Biker shorts / Spanx, Bag / Hermès (Kelly), Shoes / Zara (old), Sunglasses / Celiné

Jewelry /
Signet ring / Bodil Binner (see more here), Gold ring with pearl (own design), Silver leafs ring / Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen (shop here), Earrings / Jane Kønig (shop here)

Location: Los Angeles, California
Photo by Birgitte Wiborg
Photos taken with iPhone X

It’s funny how bikershorts have suddenly become a thing. But I wanna say thanks to whoever wore them out as an outfit first – because I am in LOVE with them. I grew up around professional biking, my older brother was on the national team and used to bike all around the world so this “uniform” is not foreign to me. I just never thought about wearing them out with a dress shirt and a pair of heels but I really mean it when I say – It’s my new favorite outfit. I have found that SPANX makes amazing “biker shorts” – they are actually just high waisted, tummy tightening panties but I like to use them as shorts. They are so high waisted, it gives me life! 

Also the day I wore this outfit I drove by this big marble looking building in WeHo and just yelled “WE HAVE TO STOP HERE” so loud that Birgitte almost jumped out the car in fear. But seriously – who could have dreamed of a whole building in look a like marble?! My god the world is once again perfect. Arhg.. that might be a stretch but LA keeps being amazing!

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T-shirt / No brand, Pants / IAMGIA (shop here), Shoes / Adidas Yung-1 (shop here)

Jewelry /
Ring / Bodil Binner (see more here), Earrings / Jane Kønig (shop here)

Location: Joshua Tree, Yucca Valley, California
Photo by Birgitte Wiborg
Photos taken with Canon 5D mark 2

I had been wanting to see Joshua tree for years. Cause lets be honest, the photos people take there look like magic. Basically Joshua tree and Yucca Valley is about 3 hours east of LA – over the mountains and directly into the desert. It’s like another world. I have had my bestie B staying with me for a couple of weeks and we decided to take a trip out into the nothingness. We rented a small, but wonderful cabin in the middle of nowhere in Yucca Valley about 10 minutes in car from the Joshua Tree national park and just had the best time. No neighbors, no pavement on the roads – just sunshine and some wine. More pics from Joshua Tree coming up. Stay tuned.