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Location: Milan
Photo by Laura /
Photos taken with Canon 5D 

Jeg troede altid at man kun kunne få føntørret hår med en rundbørste hos frisøren. “Der er da ingen som kan gøre det der hjemme” tænkte jeg. Men så prøvede jeg det. Nøglen til at gøre det der hjemme er ikke at gå i panik halvvejs. Det kan godt virke som en uoverskuelig process. Men fat mod! Bouncy, silke agtige lokker er lige om hjørnet hvis du bare tør springe ud i det. Efter jeg startede med at lave den her type hårstyling for ca et halvt år siden har mange spurgt mig om jeg har været ved frisøren. Men nej, det kan snildt gøres hjemmefra! Bare følg de forskellige steps nedenfor, de er skrevet på engelsk så alle kan være med.

english: I always thought that the round brush blowout was a salon thing. Nobody can do it at home was always my statement until I just went ahead and did it. The key is really just not to panic. Yes the brush will get tangled in your hair the first (and maybe the second time) you do it – but be brave! Great, silky, bouncy and beautiful hair is just around the corner. After I started doing this hairstyling about 6 months ago, people tend to ask me if I have just been at the salon. But nope, it’s all do able from your home office. Just follow the steps below, I hope you enjoy! 

Step 1

Always apply some sort of product before blowdrying (I mean ALWAYS). It’s important for the hair to have some sort of “help” when you apply heat. When I blow-dry my hair into a style I like to use a product that is specifically made to shape the hair during heat. Here I am applying the Moroccanoil Blow-dry Concentrate. Made specifically for frizzy unruly hair (like mine) making it easier to blowdry and brush through.

Step 2

I find it way easier to do my hair when I part it. It takes longer yes, but there is no time to be lazy with your hair. A great styling can last up to five days if you do it right the first time. Make it easy for yourself! I part my hair up to 8 times when I do this blow-dry routine and the end result always makes me happy I didn’t take the easy way out. If you don’t part your hair it will be less manageable.

Step 3

Ah yes, the most important step indeed. The blow-drying. First make sure to get yourself a killer brush. This is not where you want to save your money. You can have it for a very long time if you are good to it and it will make your job much easier. I use the 45mm Moroccanoil round brush made with wild boar hairs. It’s easy to use, it looks great and the ceramic center of the brush gives a 360˚ heat distribution. Genius. I always start from the roots and work my way down paying extra attention to the ends of my hair as I like that little swing at the end.

Step 4

Yes we are at that parting of the hair thing again. I always separate the dry hair from the wet hair. If you use a small plastic hair tie like this one it doesnt leave a mark your hair. Tying down your dry hair also makes it easier for you to keep on working on the wet areas.

Step 5

This step also applies if you dont have parted bangs like I do. Framing the face is key to this hairstyle. It’s what really gives that bouncy, beautiful shape to the hair. Part your front hair from the rest and brush it forward. Curl the brush up under it and onto your forehead. Don’t worry you won’t get a big curl in the middle of the face, not with this size brush. Apply heat from the root and out rolling the brush away from your face until you are satisfied.

Step 6

Let your hair loose and give it a break. Apply a styling cream with hydration if possible. The heat is tough on your hair, hand it a drink. I use the Hydrating Styling Cream from Moroccanoil starting at the roots of my hair and working my way down. I have a tendency to flyaways after a blow-dry but this cream really “calms” my hair down.

Step 7

Now this step is totally optional but I don’t think you can get enough volume so I like to tease the roots on top of my hair. Just to give that extra glam a shoutout. I use a fine teasing comb from Moroccanoil that also has a full head of wild boar hairs. Be aware though, this comb can really tease.

Step 8

For smoothing down flyaways and keeping the hair in check I use the Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray in strong. I am really not a hairspray girl I have to admit. I don’t like the stickiness, the smell or the final look of the hair. It’s always almost crunchy. But this hairspray leaves my hair smooth, soft and not on lock down. Finally!

Final look

Voila, the final look! Shake your head (and your booty) and let your hair have it’s own life. What I really love about this hairstyle is that even though it has a very “perfect” finished look, it just gets better and better during the day as it gets a little rough around the edges. I can have this hair for many days, it also looks great in a long silky ponytail. Remember to apply product during the days to smooth down or if you need a bit of a tease. I hope you liked this little step by step guide! Please find all products (with links) down below.

Products used:

Blow dry concentrate/ Moroccanoil (shop here, read more here), 45 mm round brush / Moroccanoil (shop here, read more here), Hydrating styling cream / Moroccanoil (shop here, read more here), Teasing brush / Moroccanoil (shop here, read more here), Luminous hairspray / Moroccanoil (shop here, read more here)

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Location: Milan
Photo by Laura / & me
Photos taken with Canon 5D 

Et lækkert brand som Missoni har selvfølgelig også lækkert hår og lækker makeup. Jeg var så heldig at blive inviteret backstage af Moroccanoil for at fange dette kaos og se det blive til Missoni magi. Jeg tog Laura med mig så vi både kunne fotografere og filme samtidig (video coming right up!). Modellerne var søde, stemningen var afslappet næsten kontrolleret og rummet duftede af Moroccanoil’s ikoniske argan oil. Looket var rent og lod pigernes individuelle skønhed tale for sig selv. Håret var et klassisk, super skarpt, glansfuldt, venstre til højre sideskildnings look som fik alle modellerne til at se sunde og stilede ud. Den glans de havde var for vild. Hårstylisterne tog kedeligt (over ophedet) model hår og gjorde det til lange, silkeagtige lokker kun ved brug af et par produkter og en hårtørre. Jeg anede ikke at man kunne tørre allerede tørt hår? Who knew?! Kollektionen var så smuk. Farverig, legesyg og rigtig Missoni agtig. Det var en sand fornøjelse at være en del af denne oplevelse.

english: A yummy brand like Missoni of course also has yummy hair and yummy makeup. I was so lucky to be invited backstage by Moroccanoil to capture this controlled chaos turning into Missoni magic. I brought Laura with me so that we could both take pictures and film (video coming right up!). The models were sweet, the vibe was calm and the whole room smelled like Moroccanoil’s iconic argan oil. The look was clean, letting the girls’ individual beauty speak for it self. The hair was a classic sharp cut, super sleek, left to right parted look making the models look healthy and chic. The shine was incredible, I was mesmerized as the hairstylists transformed dull (over worked) model hair into sleek, long, shiny locks using only a few products and a good hairdryer. Who knew you can actually blow-dry already dry hair? The collection was absolutely beautiful. Colorful, playful and true Missoni. It was such a pleasure to be apart of this experience.


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Colorista launch in Stockholm with L’oréal Paris

 Location: Stockholm
Photo by Lasse Bak Mejlvang

Min rejse sæson er officielt begyndt! Første stop var Stockholm i går med L’oréal Paris til lancerings event på deres nye hårfarve linje, Colorista! En blanding af forskellige hårfarve produkter, både semi permanent og permanent men også nogle fede sprays som går ud efter kun én hår vask. Jeg var live på L’oréal’s danske facebook side i går hvis i vil se lidt mere om hvordan jeg fik farvet mit hår med blå striber. Det blev ret sejt! Både Sverige, Norge, Findland og Danmark var repræsenteret ved eventet – vi fik en masterclass i hårfarvning, fik lov til at male med spray paint og alverdens andre aktiviteter. Vildt dejlig dag med massere af farve på! I dag står den på lidt arbejde, så frokost og så en tur hjem igen til København! Næste uge – Paris!

english: My travel season has officially been kicked off! First stop was Stockholm yesterday with the L’oréal Paris team as we celebrated the launch of their new hair coloring universe, Colorista! A mixture of different coloring solutions such as semi permanent color, permanent color and also these amazing sprays that wash out after only one wash! I did a live stream on the danish L’oréal facebook page so if you want to see how I got blue stripes in my hair, go check that out! It turned out pretty cool. All the nordics were represented at the event, we had a masterclass in hair dyeing, got to spray some longboards with spray paint and so many other things I can’t list them all, it was so much fun! Today we are just going to work alittle, then have a quick lunch and home we go again. Next week – Paris!


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GHD Azores (shop here), Davines strong hold creme (shop here) Natura Siberica hair oil (shop here)

Photos taken with Canon 6D

Jeg har rigtig mange krøller, og særligt et sted som Thailand gjorde virkelig at de piplede frem over det hele. Men også den danske sommer, salt vand og vind kan blæse mit hår fuldstændig ud af proportioner så jeg har testet lidt forskellige hår produkts kombinationer for at se om jeg kunne tæmme det lidt og det er den trio i ser ovenfor som stak af med prisen. Step nr. 1 en god hår olie, den blødgøre og samler håret – særligt denne fra Natura Siberica er helt fantastisk og har virkelig slået benene væk under mig. Den dufter ualmindeligt godt og så fedter den overhovedet, selv i fint hår som mit kan jeg putte i mange gange på en dag uden det fedter. Step nr. 2 et stjerne godt fladjern – GHD er forevigt mestre og slår alle med flere længder, deres styling jern er bare de bedste og så fås de altid i alle mulige seje afskygninger som denne fra deres Azores serie. Step nr. 3 helten som fanger fly away’s og tæmmer vilde lokker, en fyldende voks – jeg ved ikke hvad jeg skulle gøre uden, den samler mine spidser og kan bruges til at glatte frizz med, fuldstændig uundværlig og den var også vildt godt til at bruge i håret den dag jeg fik det flettet. Alt i alt det jeg kommer til at bruge i mit hår hele sommeren, jeg er fan!

english: I have a lot of curls and in Thailand they really came out from their hiding. But also the danish summer can make them pop, salty waters and a heavy breeze can blow my mane out of proportions, so I have tested different combinations of hair products to handle this problem and the result is the trio you see above. Step nr. 1 a good hair oil is essential, it softens and closes the fly aways – especially this one from Natura Siberica has knocked my socks of. It smells incredible and it is not greasy at all – even in fine hair like mine I can apply multiple times and it doesn’t get oily. Step nr. 2 the best flatiron you can get your hands on is necessary, GHD is the undefeated master and will forever be, their styling irons are just amazing to handle and leaves your hair beautiful and you can always get them in fun colors like this one from their Azores series. Step nr. 3 the fly away hero, my liquid wax, I use it to define my curls, to catch frizz (before it gets out of control) and it was also just the best to use before I had my hair braided, kept it all in place. Everything I am going to use this summer in one photo, I am a fan!

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Photo by Laura /

Products used:
Kérastase Discipline curl ideal mousse
Kérastase Discipline curl ideal cream
GHD Curve classic wave wand (shop here)

Jeg har rigtig mange naturlige krøller, mit hår er lidt Ronja Røverdatter møder Julia Roberts – altså lidt all over the place men på sin egen meget charmerende måde. Dog synes jeg at stort bølget hår er noget af det lækreste og det har jeg lavet en lille guide til hvordan jeg opnår her, på engelsk selvfølgelig – se nederst. Enjoy.

english: My hair is naturally very curly, its kinda troll meets Julia Roberts – a little all over the place but in a cute way. But I love big bouncy, wavy hair with lots of volume, so I have made a guide to how I achieve this look, in english of course – follow the steps below. Enjoy!

Before I curl: When I get out of the shower I towel dry my hair, brush it through and apply the curl cream from Kérastase, that way the product gets some time to sit in the hair before the curling begins.

1 + 2: I part my hair several times to make sure I curl all of my hair – I am trying to achieve the most even look possible. Roll up and let it sit for a few seconds, GHD irons are super quick and affective so better curl a little less time than burning your hair off – take your time figuring out our iron.

3. Even though I have long bangs its still very important which way I curl it, I like a bit of “fall” around my face so I curl forward, if you want more of a 70’s feel you should curl all of your front hair away from your face.

4. When I have curled all my hair, I let it sit for a while or at least until the hair is cold again – then I brush it through.

5. Bottoms up! After brushing, swing your hair a little to get the volume you just created back. When its all big and all over the place, I take the Kérastase mousse and apply a little to the ends of my hair and whereever it needs taming. Style with your hands until it looks like you want it too and violas!

I hope you enjoyed the guide, if you have any questions feel free to ask! 

X M 

The Long BOB

IMG_4058 Rithiellage Ribiiioillage

Lige nu køre jeg “the long bob” stilen fordi at mit hår er begyndt at blive længere igen. Jeg vil stadig gerne have et clean cut og et stærkt look så derfor er mit hår stadig klippet med meget skarp kant, selvom det er begyndt at komme længere ned på halsen end det var før. Det får det også til at se tykkere ud, bonus! Jeg tror jeg klipper det hele af igen men lige nu synes jeg det er super fedt. KNUS

//Right now I am rocking “the long bob” it kinda happened after my hair started getting long again. I wanted it to be clean and strong even though it wasn’t short anymore therefore its cut really sharp which also makes my hair look thicker! BONUS! I really like it right now but I might cut it all off again. HUGS