1. Travel pillow / Delsay (shop here), 2. Hand lotion / Nimue (shop here), 3. Perfume / Hérmes (shop here), 4. Nail polish / Essie (shop collection here), 5. Ultra facial moisturizer / Kiehl’s (shop here), 6. Cotton buds / Magasin du Nord (shop here), 7. Glow stick / Marc Jacobs beauty (shop here), 8. Lip balm / Kiehl’s (coming soon in DK), 9. Concealer true match / L’oréal Paris (shop here), 10. Chubby stick colour balm / Clinique (shop here), 11. Brow pencil / L’oréal Paris (coming soon in DK), 12. Disinfection gel / Matas MediCare (shop here), 13. Mouthwash / Naturvital (shop here)

Ahh at flyve langt. Enten elsker man det eller også hader man det – jeg har aldrig mødt nogen som havde lidt en “meh” mening om at flyve langt. Jeg personligt elsker at flyve langt, men jeg har også altid været meget glad for transport. Jeg elsker at køre og blive kørt, flyve yes, tog yes – synes det er så hyggeligt at være på tur. I morgen går turen til New York med Essie og jeg glæder mig SÅ meget. Det bliver så spændende og jeg skal afsted sammen med nogle super seje og dejlige damer. På billedet ser i det som jeg nærmest altid tager med mig i kabinen når jeg skal flyve mere end 5 timer – jeg vil rigtig gerne lige knytte en kommentar til alt på billedet så dem får i på engelsk nedenfor! Happy reading!

english: Ahh yes, long flights. Either you love it or you hate it – I have never met somebody who was like “mmm I don’t have an opinion about that” everybody does! I love long flights, but I have always been quite pleased with transportation. I love to drive and be driven, to take the train yes, to fly yes, anything moving is just yes! It’s so nice to be on a trip. Going somewhere. Tomorrow I am leaving for New York with Essie and I am so excited! It is some seriously cool ladies I will be traveling with and I can’t wait anymore! What you are seeing in the photo above are the things I never travel without if my flight is more than 5 hours long. I’ll just go through them real quick down below, enjoy!

1. Neck pillow I love you, I need you – just like it’s okay to dress (very) comfortable on long flights it’s also okay to have a relationship with your neck pillow. I love this one from Delsey, it’s soft and since I often travel in all grey it’s just the right shade of grey (yes it matters).

2. This handcreme, I use it all the time – I love it! I get so dry on flights. I just love to smear my hands in yummy cream and watch a movie! Can’t really touch the screen after applying though.

3. On to the facial products, I often travel with very little makeup on if I have far to go. I love to bring a few key items with me on board so I look fresh when I arrive. A little highlighter, a lip balm (or I die), brilliant true match concealer to hide the tired, a brow pencil because these babys don’t do them self and some kind of multi product. I love a good chubby stick, it can go on your lips, your eyelids and your cheeks. Win win!

4. Perfume – my god don’t ever be that douchebag who sprays perfume on a plane. Seriously that’s just mean – not everyone wants to smell like you and we are in a closed space. Thank you very much for your consideration. I found a solution though! Hérmes makes travel size perfumes that are for dabbing, not for spraying. Genius!

5. Nail couture by Essie is the best for flying because it doesn’t need a base coat just apply and you are good to go. This step is of course unnecessary if you are one of those cool, put-together people who always has their nails done. I envy you.

6. Moisture and more of it please. My skin needs a drink while flying so I always bring a great travel size moisturizer with me just in case. It’s also a good idea to bring if you apply makeup on the plane, that foundation has to stick to something.

7. If you travel with mascara on, please bring cotton buds. Nobody likes that ugly black mascara fall out dust under the eyes and especially not yourself when you look in a mirror. Remember that scene from “the wedding date”? Yep, just saying.

8. Mouthwash is always a quite nice thing to bring if you are not a “travel with your toothbrush” kinda gal. These little mouthwash’s are often at hotels, right there to grab and go. Just do it! Last but not least, the disinfectant gel – just because it’s wise. No sickness on vacation please!


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