This shirt has quite wide ties which makes it perfect for a “flat lay” as I like to call it. Simply smooth down the ties in front of you (make sure it’s ironed). It can be worn over a dress, a sweater vest, a cardigan or on it’s own. I know you are never supposed to give up the best in the front, but this is definitely my favorite way to style this shirt. I think its different, classic and quite cool.



Inspo from the gentlemens department indeed. You know those men who doesn’t wear a tie but like a little cloth around their neck but under the shirt? It’s apparently called a neckerchief and that’s where this styling option comes from. Simply tuck the ties into the dress (or whatever you are styling with) and “puff it up” a bit to create some volume.



Not a hard one to figure out, I know, but it’s silly and unexpected. An oversized bowtie is the way to go if you are feeling brave and too cute for the business look. There’s not much too it, make a twist with the ties and make sure it’s same size on both sides. Kinda reminds me of the ones clowns wear, the cute clowns (not the scary ones!)

Location: Copenhagen
Photo by Sebastian /

Shirt / Britt Sisseck (shop here), Dress / 2nd day

“En skjorte med flere styling muligheder” er hvordan Britt Sisseck selv beskriver denne skjorte, og jeg kunne ikke være mere enig. Jeg håber i kunne lide min lille guide trods den var på engelsk. Det giver bare mere mening at gøre det på ét sprog hvor alle kan være med når det er flere tekster. Jeg følte ihvertfald jeg absolut måtte lave et post om denne skjorte da jeg selv fik den prøvet og så hvor mange måder den kunne styles på. Det kan sikkert gøres på mange, mange flere måder! Happy styling!

english: “a shirt with multiple styling options” is how Britt Sisseck describes this shirt herself and I couldn’t agree more. I hope you liked this little guide, I felt I absolutely had to make it once I found out how many ways this shirt could be styled and I am sure it can be worn even more ways! Have fun playing with your shirts!

X M 

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